THE POP EXPOSE – Remembering Sean Connery by Mitchell Smith!

Sean Connery was born in Scotland in 1930 and passed away peacefully in his sleep October 31st 2020. Connery had a remarkable acting career that spanned over the course of 50 years. Sean grew up in Scotland and his first job was a milkman. At the age of 16 he joined the Royal Navy and was considering becoming a footballer aka soccer player, but decided to pursue a career in acting instead. Connery worked at the King’s Theater backstage in 1951 and got his first look at acting and formed a passion for becoming an actor himself. He would find a number of background and minor character rolls over the next ten years until he landed his first big role in 1962 as James Bond. He would go on as Bond in a total of 7 films.

Sean was in a number of other films including The Hunt for Red October, The Untouchables, and The Rock. One of my favorite characters Sean played was Henry Jones the father of Indiana Jones. Darrell Hammond also portrays Connery in the hilarious SNL skits of Celebrity Jeopardy. Connery had one of those unmistakable voices and was a staple in Hollywood. He has had many great rolls over the years and will be missed dearly. He was a scholar and a gentleman, and as he takes his final curtain call, his legacy will remain a staple around the globe. Be sure and MAKE THE JUMP to the forums and let us know your favorite Sean Connery moments!


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