THE POP EXPOSE ‘Remembering Tommy Lasorda’ By Mitchell Smith!

How do you spell relief? R O L A I D S! This was a familiar jingle in the 80’s, and growing up everyone knew who Tommy Lasorda was. Lasorda was born in 1927 in Norristown, PA. He bounced around the MLB for a number of years and pitched for the Brooklyn Dodgers. His pitching career was minimal, but Lasorda did not give up on the majors as he pursued a coaching career. Lasorda started out as the third base coach of the LA Dodgers and moved into the manager’s position in 1976.

Lasorda had a nice career compiling a 1599-1439 record and winning a World Series in 1981 and 1988 with the Dodgers. He is 4th all-time in post season games managed with 61. He is in the company of Bobby Cox, Casey Stengel, and Joe Torre. During his 20 year managing career he had 9 players who won the Rookie of the year including Eric Karros, Mike Piazza, and Todd Hollandsworth. Growing up in the 80s Lasorda was very recognizable. I think it was partly do to his Rolaids commercials, but everyone knew who Tommy Lasorda was and there was no question he was the top manager in the 80s.

After retirement in 1996 he joined the upper management of the Dodger organization where he became the senior vice president. Lasorda also came out of retirement to coach the 2000 Olympic team to a gold medal. The Dodgers have retired his uniform number and he will remain one of the top managers for some time. He is a figure that will be missed by the baseball world and beyond. Rest in Peace Mr. Lasorda, your legacy will live on for many years to come.


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