G.I.Joe ‘2010 Vehicles’ Discussion by Mitchell Smith!

Welcome to the Outpost. Today we are discussing 2010 G.I.Joe vehicles. There was a good success with the Rise of Cobra movie and a second G.I. Joe movie was released, The Pursuit of Cobra. With the movie came a number of vehicles. TRU had the Rise of Cobra Sting Raider. Seeing I didn’t get the original style from 2009, I picked up this cool looking camo one. This is such a great vehicle and I wish they had released the original color to retail. The Rip Attack Jet Storm Cycle and The Tiger Snake are vehicles with a launcher to make them go automatically. These look cool but I don’t own them.

The black AWE Striker is another cool version of the original vehicle. The Vamp is a 4 seater jeep that looks pretty cool, I have a later version of this one and it is pretty sweet. The Wolf Hound AKA Snow Cat is one of my all-time favorite vehicles so I did not hesitate buying this one. The Ghost Hawk is a nice dark version of the Sky Hawk. It looks pretty awesome. The Doom Cycle is a Dreadnok cycle with a few tricks up its sleeve. This is an awesome vehicle and comes with a cool figure. The Cobra Hiss Tank from this year is a new design and I do not own one. I love the look of the original so I’m not sure about this one without seeing one in hand. The Cobra Ice Cutter is a cool looking vehicle. I never had this one but I may try to track one down. The Cobra Fury is a dark version of the original 1990 Rage. This is a nice looking version but I was not able to find this one.

The Steel Marauder and The Cobra Deviant are 2 robots that a Joe can sit in to control. I passed on these in 2010 and I wish I had picked them up now, these are really cool looking. The Collectors Club had some really cool stuff this year. There is an Adventure Team 6 Wheeled ATV, Helicopter, and Man-Eating Plant. I like the looks of these and the Man-Eating plant can fit right in with Cobra La if you like that line. The Convention Exclusives were also really nice this year. The Red Shadow Secret Base, Red Shadow Staff Car, and Z Force Recon Cycle are all really cool. The base may look a little familiar as it is from the attack on Endor. The car may also look familiar as it was used in the Indiana Jones line.

Finally the Cycle is a green version of the Silver Mirage. All look pretty cool but I do not have any in my collection. There was also a number of Ross Exclusives The Air Assault Glider, Cobra Flight Pod, Jungle Terror Twin Battle Gun, and a tan RAM. All were pretty cool and seeing I do not have a Ross in my area I did not find any of these. Over all I think this was a really good year. Which is your favorite vehicle from this year? Sound off below and let us know! Make sure to check back for our next discussion.


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