THE POP EXPOSE ‘Sega Genesis’ Story By Mitchell Smith!

Hello everybody. Today I’m taking a look at the Sega Genesis Video Game System. When Sega aimed to put out a home entertainment system, they had some obstacles to overcome. Mainly taking on the power house Nintendo who had the market on game systems. Nintendo had 8 bit games at the time so Sega developed a 16 bit system which was faster and the graphics were more realistic.

The only thing Sega needed was a recognizable character that would brand the name. In comes Sonic the Hedgehog. The game was an instant hit and soon after Nintendo was getting a run for their money. Soon the commercials would fill the tv and each one ended with the signature catch phrase “SEGA”. Growing up I did not have a Sega.

I had Nintendo and Super Nintendo so, a 3rd system just was not something I could afford at the time. I met my wife in college and she had a Sega. She got me hooked on Sonic and we would play for hours on end. I still have the original system with a handful of games. I have not played it in some time but I may have to break it out soon and play some classic games. Who had a Sega growing up? The Sega paved the way for the future and Nintendo and Sega have fed off each other for years to make video games what they are today.


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