THE POP EXPOSE – Sir Charles Barkley!

Hello everyone, today I’m sticking with my Basketball theme this month, and taking a look at Charles Barkley. Born February 20, 1963 in Leeds Alabama. Chuck has been in the spotlight with commercials and co-hosting NCAA basketball show. Chuck didn’t always have it good though. He was the first of a few African American kids in his elementary school, right when segregation was coming to an end in his home town.

Chucks father abandoned the family at a young age and his step father died when he was 11. Chuck struggled in high school with his weight but his height became his advantage in basketball. An assistant from Auburn noticed his talent and realized his potential if he could slim down. In 1985 Chuck was drafted by the Philadelphia 76ers just after Chicago to Michael Jordan. I really got into the NBA in the nineties and I loved Barkley when he was at the Suns.

Those guys battled and Jordan always stood in the way. Chuck did get 2 gold medals playing with the Dream Team. After his retirement he went into broadcasting. He has had a great career and even though he gets picked on a lot from co-hosts Chuck is a good sport and has provided lots of entertainment and laughed over the years. All hail Sr. Charles.


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