THE POP EXPOSE ‘Star Wars Land Galaxy’s Edge’!

I’m sure everyone knows by now Disney is building Star Wars Themed parks at Disneyland and Disney World. So far from what I can see this will be an awesome addition to the parks. Not that you can run out of things to do at Disney but this is going to be awesome. Disney has already had a small section of Star Wars such as AT-ATs and light saber shows with some of the Star Wars characters, but this will be completely different. 

The whole park made up of scenery, shows, and rides all Star Wars. If you’ve never been to Disney start saving because this will be a must do vacation. It looks like there will be some sort of a Millennium Falcon to explore and possible sit in the cockpit. I’m hoping to get to Florida once the park is completed. Can’t wait to see what Disney packs into this all Star Wars Park and it will be an awesome experience for families and friends to go see.

Check out Disney’s model mock-up of the park below and let us know if you like the idea and would consider visiting it AFTER THE JUMP!

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