THE POP EXPOSE ‘Storm Trooper vs. Clone Trooper’ Story by Mitchell Smith

Growing up in the eighties was a great time. I was a wee lad when the original Star Wars movie hit theaters in May of 1977, and I watched Star Wars for the first time on regular cable. One of the opening scenes involved what would become one of the most recognizable characters from the Star Wars franchise. Not the dark cloaked one. The white, scary, lovable, couldn’t hit the broad side of a sand crawler guys, Storm Troopers. The original Storm Troopers were really quite awesome.

From head to toe Lucas made these basic armored troopers look awesome. I did not have any figures as a kid and I think my first storm trooper figure I bought was around 2005. As things evolved through the 2000s the figures started getting better and better and some of the figures look about as real as the real life size character. There are 3.75 figures, 6 inch figures, 12 inch figures and funny enough my local priest dressed in a full Storm Trooper costume one Halloween and greeted all the people as they left church. I have always loved the Storm Trooper and for Star Wars troopers they have always been my favorite for sure.

At the turn of the millennium Lucas decides he is going to do prequels. We started getting some new figures and younger version of old characters. In comes Attack of the Clones. Oh yeah those clones Old Ben talked about in that original film from 1977. When Revenge of the Sith was released the Clones were taking full shape, but I still wasn’t sold on the idea. In 2008 Lucas decides to make an animated series based on those wars that had been talked about throughout the franchise now. I was taking a liking to some of the major Clones such as Captain Rex and Commander Cody, but I still was not sold. I still loved the original Storm Trooper. Recently my son asked me to watch Clone Wars with him.

I had seen an episode here and there but never watched it from the beginning, so I said what the hay. The seasons where great. There are so many awesome episodes that expands so many character’s back stories from Obi Wan, to Yoda, and from Hondo to Jesse. After watching the Clone Wars series my entire opinion changed. I still love the look of the original Storm Trooper, but the clones have personalities. These guys have been through the ringer. They have heart, character, and passion.

So many Clones were brought to the forefront, and it made the Storm Troopers seem a bit bland. So I’m not switching sides here, rather appreciating the Storm Troopers and appreciating the Clones. I love them both but I cannot take away the fact that the Clones are just better developed and easier to fall in love with an Echo or a Fives rather than a generic Trooper. I’m glad I watched the entire series because it is awesome and enhances the entire Star Wars franchise. If you have not watched the series from start to finish I suggest you do so. Which do you love more and why? Sound off below and let us know! Thanks for checking in and stay safe out there.

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  1. You should watch the 2003 animated shorts. You can find them on YouTube. About 2 hours total of content. Not a lot of clone development but they’re bad ass.

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