Story by Mitchell Smith

Hello everyone, today I’m taking a look at the Super Bowl. It’s been a main event for many years. People gather for the Big Game and have Super Bowl parties, they get together in bars and fill out squares to try and win money, and if you don’t mind dropping a few thousand you can get a ticket to watch it live. For years it had been the highlight of late January and February for people.

The commercials and half time show let non football watchers enjoy the game as well. One of my first Super Bowls I can remember was the 1985 Bears vs Patriots. They really popularized the game with big names such as Jim McMahon and The Refrigerator William Perry and of course the catchy Super Bowl Shuffle. I remember Montana to Rice, wide right, and inches short of a touchdown. Brady wins, Brady wins again, Brady, Brady, Brady. There have been so many memorable moments over the years and the Super Bowl has brought many people together. Hope we get a good game tonight and may the best team win. Are you excited about this years Super Bowl? Let us know your thoughts and your picks in the comments!


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