THE POP EXPOSE ‘The Super Bowl Goat’ by Mitchell Smith!

The Super Bowl is closing in on us and this year will be a first. The designated stadium will also have its team playing there. I’m not sure it will play a factor but we shall find out. Other firsts will be a Quarterback’s 10th appearance in a Super Bowl. This is an amazing feat as Tom Brady will undoubtable be named the GOAT for anyone who thought he already was not. Brady had all of his success in New England with Coach Bill Belichick. This is the first Super Bowl with a different…

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THE POP EXPOSE ‘Top Quarterbacks’ by Mitchell Smith!

Super Bowl Sunday, a long season and it all comes down to 1 game to be crowned champs. There have been some great teams over the years and players that have been unmatched even by today’s modern game. One position that gets the most recognition and has produced so many household names is the quarterback position. There have been so many great quarterbacks over the years and we all know Tom Brady has a million Super Bowls under his belt and has won half of them so you’re too successful…

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THE POP EXPOSE ‘Your Super Bowl Pick’ by Mitchell Smith!

Who are you rooting for in the Super Bowl? Most people who are not Patriots fans will be rooting for the Eagles today. I was a Patriots fan back in the 1990’s and even went to Giant stadium to watch them play and got Drew Bledsoe’s autograph. Once Brady took over I kind of lost interest and have not been a fan since then. The Super Bowl has held host to some great Quarterbacks. One thing that you can’t take away from Tom Brady is the success he has had at the highest level, he…

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The POP-EXPOSE ‘Vince Lombardi’ by Mitchell Smith!

Vince Lombardi was born June 11, 1913 in Brooklyn, NY and passed away at age 57 in 1970. Lombardi’s name is raised high once a year when 1 NFL team prevails as the Super Bowl Champion. In his early teens, Vince would help his father in the family butcher shop. Although Vince and both his parents were born in America his family was subject to the rampant discrimination against Italian immigrants at the time. He grew up in an ethnically diverse middle class neighborhood where religion was very important to…

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The POP-EXPOSE ‘Super Bowl Shorts’ by Mitchell Smith!

The POP-EXPOSE brings you ‘SUPER BOWL’ SHORTS! The Super Bowl was started in 1967 following the 1966 season. The Green Bay Packers beat the Kansas City Chiefs 35-10 is Super Bowl I, since then there have been many blowouts, but there have also been some very close games, big comebacks, and great wild plays. This is one of the hardest trophies to win in professional sports, and I’ve got a few highlighted Super Bowls where teams put forth a great effort but, came up a hair short of getting that illustrious…

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TMNT: Out of the Shadows Super Bowl Teaser!

Today we have a tease for the new TMNT: Out of The Shadows Super Bowl Trailer that will be coming sometime on Sunday. If you grew up watching the Ninja Turtles, you are definitely going to be excited about this movie. Check out the new tease below, and let us know your thoughts AFTER THE JUMP! Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows is set for release on June 3, 2016.  

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