THE POP EXPOSE ‘The Career of David Prowse’ by Mitchell Smith!


The world of Star Wars lost another long-time cast member David Prowse. David of coarse was the original Darth Vader and spoke every part in the original 1977 movie, but later was dubbed over with James Earl Jones’ voice. David who was a bodybuilder and stood 6 feet 6 inches was cast for Vader to show his physical overpowering appearance, but his voice was not as deep as Lucas wanted.

David also tried out for Superman and actually became Christopher Reeves’ trainer when Chris landed the roll. Many other rolls David was close on landing include Conan the Barbarian and Jaws in James Bond. Prowse did land rolls in The Clockwork Orange and Frankenstein. He also appeared on the Benny Hill show. Although we never saw his face in Star Wars his character he helped develop has become one of the most iconic characters in our modern history.

David joins a number of cast members from the original movie including, Kenny Baker, Carrie Fisher, and Pete Mayhew who have left our world. Even though we never see or hear David in Star Wars, he was Darth Vader and part of one of the largest franchises in today’s world. His memory will live on in the character he helped develop. Rest in peace Mr. Prowse. Join in the conversation AFTER THE JUMP!


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