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As the shopping days are counting down till Christmas, My Holiday-themed interview is getting bigger and bigger. Our next cosplayer comes from European origins whose feet are always cold but her cosplay wear and beauty will warm your heart. She’s done various modeling, but what she does best is bring fantasy into our reality. She’s COVID free and loves giving fans something to dream of during this Holiday season. Won’t you please give lots of LIKEs and lots of Emoji love as she will no doubt will be on the top of OnlyFans Christmas list. Please welcome my guest and mermaid lover, Gumiho.Arts cosplay. 

Raven: Hello Gumiho. Thank you for being here with me today to give a chance to know all about you and give me a chance to write to you on their Christmas List.

Gumiho: Thank you so much for having me do this interview with you! This is a wonderful Christmas gift I could ever ask for.

Raven: Well, there is a slight problem. I’m going to have to keep you in an Amazon box until Christmas Day. Sorry!

Gumiho: I would be the Get Away from It I’ve always wanted. Wrap me up, tightly!

Raven: As you may not know before I begin with any of my festive Holiday interview questions, I offer some words of advice, a ballad of encouragement when you find yourself at crossroads during your career. I hope you’ll take these words to heart whenever the world becomes too much to bear and you need that little push to get you back on track. So here goes, “Don’t worry about those who talk behind your back, they’re behind you for a reason”. There I’ve said it and just stick with it!

Raven: Can you make this old Eff happy and tell everyone about yourself?

Gumiho: Hey, I’m Gumi, German/Hungarian, and living in Germany my entire life. My natural hair color is dark brown and I have a weird blue/green/orange/grey eye color mix. I speak both English and German fluently, and I’m 168 cm tall (Americans are perplexed now, Hehe). 

Raven: Do you work out regularly or does it come naturally? 

Gumiho: I started working out a year ago but due to Covid, I haven’t been consistent as I would like to be.  Just recently, I have made a lot of progress.

Raven: What does Gumiho.Arts love seeing during this Holiday season?

Gumiho: I love all the shiny fairy lights that people put up everywhere. 

There’s something very calming about them.

Raven: What sort of music do you listen to? 

Gumiho: Ugh. This might be a super mainstream answer, but I listen to a huge variety of genres. I often weird people out when listening to my music because the first minute they listen to psytrance, then to k-pop, then to punk metal, and the next song might be some classic piano stuff. I’m obsessed with Grimes lately specifically.

Raven: Is there a deep dark secret?

Gumiho: My deep dark secret… hmm. My hands and feet are always cold and I could easily freeze any living being by touching them. Brrr-Brrr!

Raven: So it would be like you were sleeping with a beautiful corpse next to you!

Raven: What anime/manga character best describes your personality?

Gumiho: Wow. There’s a LOT of anime/manga characters that I love but I don’t think there are many that I can deeply relate with. I think I could see myself as a mix of Ichigo and Zero from Darling in the Franxx. If we are talking about gaming, novel, or a movie character, I’d say Valkyrie/China from Skullduggery Pleasant, and also Diana or Neeko from League of Legends <3

Raven: What does Gumiho would love to find in her Christmas Stocking?

Gumiho: The cure for Covid + the motivation to do sports every day.

Raven: Where can you take this reporter out for a good time and/or good food? 

Gumiho: The town of Bamberg because it has lovely Japanese restaurants. I love this city! I’ve visited there lots of times when I was a child and it always brings back nostalgia. It’s super pretty (:

Raven: What Disney princess works as a Lewd model for some Christmas cash? 

Gumiho: Tough question, Arielle? But maybe that’s just me, cause I think nothing could be sexier than a mermaid.

Raven: Is there a favorite dessert you can’t wait to have during this Holiday season?

Gumiho: I love fruits with chocolate around them :3

Raven: Does your modeling experience help when you’re cosplaying? 

Gumiho: Yes certainly! Even though I’d say my posing experience is always evolving, I learn more and more poses along the way.

Raven: What sort of modeling have you done? 

Gumiho: I only did some fun/TFP modeling for myself and the photographer’s portfolios. As a child, I was constantly being photographed by my Mom. I think her upbringing has influenced me a lot.

Raven: Have you ever accidentally burned the family Christmas Tree?
Gumiho: I once burned my hair on the Christmas Tree. Does that count :D?

Raven: Is there a cosplay outfit you hate to wear but your fans love seeing you in?

Gumiho: Oh, I don’t cosplay characters that I hate. HOWEVER, there are just a LOT of cosplays that are uncomfortable. I just couldn’t wait to undress from it, but I never hated the character. 

Gumiho: Some character outfits I vibe with more than others. Sometimes, I cosplay a character for the sake of a big group I’m with. I don’t like it so much, but that’s the only exception.

Raven: Have you portrayed characters that are Dark, Bloody, or Gothic?

Gumiho: I certainly have done such characters. I love dark stuff. For example, I recently did Yuno Gasai. That outfit and being the character brought me a lot of joy. Sadly, I couldn’t post any of the gory pics that involved wearing fake blood cause many social media sites don’t allow that.

Raven: You feel the need to send these pics to me in a Postcard, I would welcome it!

Raven: Do you love to cosplay Cute or Sexy characters as well?

Gumiho: I think it’s kinda obvious that I like to cosplay cute and sexy characters, Haha.

Raven: True. A picture is worth 1000 words and some of those are too adult to mention.  

Raven: I’ve noticed most of your characters are Spicy characters. Do you find these characters attract your attention to cosplay them?

Gumiho: I don’t think that the cosplay characters that I portray are “Spicy“ to an extent. I usually do a canon version and an erotic version that looks different than the canon outfit, maybe that’s what you mean? 

Gumiho: For example, High Elf Archer from Goblin slayer, Emilia from Re: zero, Mitsuri from Demon Slayer, and Tifa do not wear any revealing outfits. by default, but I cosplay those and also create an erotic version for them. 

Raven: What’s a horrible gift? 

Raven: A pair of men’s socks or an all-expenses-paid tour to Chernobyl, Russia?
Gumiho: Both would be kinda cool, men’s socks are longer so they cover my ankles in the cold season and I think visiting Chernobyl would be rather interesting.

Raven: Well, at least you can model with new socks outdoor photoshoots!

Raven: How easy or how hard is it to make Gumiho.Arts transform into this vivacious-alluring cosplay character?

Gumiho: I just pick characters that I find interesting, no matter if they are cute, badass, sexy, elegant, etc. I look for the kind of stuff that attracts me in any of the characters I portray and I WILL lLwd them all, Hehe! 

Raven: Does your personality resemble the type of character you want to portray or do the personalities of the characters you want to become? 

Gumiho: Not at all, I often pick characters that are very different from me personally, and I think that’s what keeps it interesting. I wouldn’t want to fill one niche for the rest of my cosplay life, that would get boring fast.

Raven: I’ve also noticed you sometimes have another model(s) accompany you in with your photoshoots. 

Raven: Do you work well with good friends or good models when creating these amazing shots?

Gumiho: Working together with other models/friends is usually lots of fun, I love it! Now due to Covid, it’s not as frequent as possible anymore, sadly. 

Gumiho: I miss them, terribly. 🙁

Raven: Is latex wearing something easy to perform on set? 

Gumiho: Oh definitely not, so far I did a latex set once (Ero version of Esdeath). I slipped on the outfit plenty of times, although putting it on was a challenge.  What you need to do is oil yourself up to get the rubber on your skin and imagine wearing oiled-up stockings in high heels. Then comes the hard part of posing with just one leg, Haha!

Raven: Is wearing restraining cosplay clothing easy to perform on the set?

Gumiho: I recently did a set with a mono glove (both hands tied on the back). That was very challenging, cause you can’t move much in this situation, I noticed how much I needed my arms to do even basic stuff like moving on the ground. 

Gumiho: I had to remove them after a few minutes cause I couldn’t feel my arms anymore. It was scary. However, I love BDSM photography and I want to do more of it. I crave aesthetic shibari/bondage sets!

Raven: Seeing Gumiho.Arts is very comfortable doing Spicy/Lewd photos.

Raven: What convinced you to do it? 

Gumiho: I always loved erotic art and the aesthetic of the human body, I remember drawing sexy girls at a very young age. I blame my Mom cause she put up paintings of beautiful women all over the house, thanks, Mom <3

Gumiho: At some point, I kinda stopped drawing and took pics instead, it’s the same result for me, creating stuff is what I love too.

Raven: What celebrity star would you be kissing under the mistletoe?

Gumiho: Megan Fox

Raven: What got you started into cosplaying? 

Gumiho: I started around 15 when a friend asked me to duo with her from Black Butler as Alois Trancy and Claude Faustus (me as Claude). In the end, the duo never happened, but shortly afterward, I went to my first convention and saw all these awesome cosplayers and those events made me want more, and it never stopped. 

Raven: Who controls what sort of photos Gumiho.Arts be photographed, you, or your fans? 

Gumiho: Definitely me, I always stand 100% behind what I do. I’m always open to suggestions but in the end, I only do what I like or interesting to me.

Raven:  What is there ever an unusual request asked by a fan? If so, what? 

Gumiho: Ah, all the time. I don’t kink shame. The only thing that pisses me off is people not respecting my boundaries. As long as the request is phrased politely, asking can’t hurt I think.

Gumiho: I mean, of course, the sex industry is as old as time, and people will always want to look at such things. It’s always a question of supply and demand

Raven: Why do men always ask women to take foot photos? 


Gumiho: There’s nothing. “Crazy“ about having a foot fetish, and it’s one of the most common fetishes out there (:

Raven: Feet for me are like hands and I don’t anyone with any hand fetishes.

Raven: Would you ever do a photo session with wild animals in the set?

Gumiho: I would love that! I have some interesting plans for that in the future!

Raven: I might regret asking you this, but…

Raven: If a Killer Santa broke into your bedroom door, what item(s) in your room would you use to defend yourself?

Gumiho: Oh, god, is it weird to say this, but I would pick up my glass candy cane dildo. Cause dude, trust me, one hard slap on the head with that and it’s over.

Raven: Hey, how did this Santa die of? He died by Guniho’s sweet-long Candy Cane!

Raven: Do you love doing photoshoots indoors or outdoors? Are there any locations you love to photograph in?

Gumiho: Indoors is definitely more comfortable and often allows more possibilities but cool outdoor locations give me LIFE, it’s a draw between the two I think.

Raven: Have you ever done a photoshoot in really cold or hot weather, how was that?

Gumiho: Oh yes and it’s tough cause the coldness will appear in your face/posing unless you try very hard to focus. There’s always the possibility of getting sick. That terrifies me since I am self-employed, and I don’t have holidays/sick days up to take off.

Gumiho: For hot weather, it’s a little better but there are problems too, like when sweat is running everywhere/your makeup melts off, that’s not a nice view to look at and there are some things you can’t save with Photoshop, Haha.

Raven: No one likes melted makeup.

Raven: How did you get the cosplayer name, Gumiho.Arts? 

Gumiho: Gumiho is Korean for “fox“, just like the word Kitsune in Japanese, it’s often referring to the mythological fox from tales, often a female magical fox.

Gumiho: I love mythology. I have a huge affinity for foxes for many reasons. Also, Ahri from League of Legends was my first main character. She will always hold a special place in my heart. 

Gumiho: She’s a Gumiho“ as well, so it just kinda came naturally. Arts was just something I added because gumiho was taken >:(

Raven: To help the homeless to raise money for a delicious Christmas Dinner, what item of clothing would you auction off?

Gumiho: Muh panties of course >:3

Raven: That’s going to be some crazy 8-course dinner entree for them.

Raven: How many cosplay outfits do you own?

Gumiho: At the moment, over 50 and that’s a rough count xD

Raven: Being this was a bad year for cosplayers, for 2021, what would you love to see come back?

Gumiho: I would love to see conventions return, once it’s all safe. I miss both the atmosphere of the conventions and of course my friends.

Raven: I agree with you, 100%

Raven: Do you have any new outfits you are working on that will break the internet?

Gumiho: Oh a lot, Haha! As mentioned before, it’s around 50 or so that is just waiting for me to do a photo shoot. Unfortunately, I do have an incurable buying problem when it comes to cosplay wear.

Raven: I’m like that with comic books and interviews. I can never have enough. 

Raven: If Gumiho.Arts becomes this year’s Holiday toy doll, what cosplay outfit would she be dressed in? 

Gumiho: I would probably wear my Christmas Kizuna Ai from last year. It was so cute and festive <3

Raven: What do men really want this Christmas?

Gumiho: Love.

Raven:  If you could give a Christmas gift to your fans, what would it be?

Gumiho: Just wanted  to wish them all Good health and Good fortune as well as be kind to each other all year round.

Raven: What advice or words of wisdom you can offer new cosplayers out there? 

Gumiho: I’d tell them to stop comparing yourself with people who have been doing this for years. Everyone starts small (my first cosplays looked so crappy ( I swear, even my sets looked worse than now a year ago). The most important thing is to have fun, after all, we’re just playing dress-up.

Raven: If this is possible with everything going on in the world,

Raven: Can I get a hug?
Gumiho: You get a big virtual social distancing hug <3

Raven: There you have it, everyone. This Christmas Story is in the books. Thank you Guniho.Arts for having this somewhat disturbing elf, Raven Steel, having the honor of interviewing you. You can put down that glass candy cane now.

Gumiho: Thank you Raven for having this Holiday interview with me and hope to bring your readers goodwill to all and a delicious good night! If it’s all the same to you, I’ll just hold this cane next to me, just in case.

Raven: If I could ask one more question and ask where can our readers get more of Gumiho.Arts cosplay?

Gumiho: Of course there’s more of me. Just click below and support more of my Spicy-Stuff:

Patreon / OnlyFans / gumi FREE💕 OnlyFans

My socials

Instagram  / Twitter / Facebook / Reddit / PUBLIC Discord 

Please Like. Please Share. And above all, Please love this Christmas Holiday.

This has been a Raven Steel exclusive.

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