THE POP-EXPOSE ‘THE LEGEND OF ZELDA’ Discussion by Mitchell Smith!

Hello everybody. I had a chance to hit up the original Nintendo version of Legend of Zelda with my son this weekend. I remember the hours I put in as a kid trying to figure out the boards on this game. We cruised right through most of it. This is a game I loved as a kid. It was a really cool looking game, I mean the gold cartridge just sold itself.

I remember back in the day playing hours on end. This is one that even my son was hooked on. He was a bit frustrated at times at the difficulty of some boards but we played on and nearly beat the game in one day. This is a game that was revolutionary at the time and it paved the way for several other fantasy games. Did you grow up laying Legend of Zelda? Is it still one of your favorite video games? Join in the discussion below and let us know!


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