The POP-EXPOSE ‘The Lightsaber’ by Mitchell Smith!

Not as clumsy or random as a blaster, an elegant weapon for a more civilized age. The light saber has been a character in itself over the span of the Star Wars franchise. When we first see and learn about it, it was just an awesome thing to see and hear on the big screen. The first trilogy only sported 4 lightsabers and few saber battles, but it’s effect on the films set up a future of awesome lightsaber battles, from the Prequel on, we got many great battles and saber designs. Many action figures came with colorful sabers and we could go to Disney and design and build our very own lightsaber.

Now there are several different types of prop sabers to recreate our favorite battles. Many that light up and make sound. One of my favorite things to do is go camping on Halloween weekend and we always have a night battle with the light up sabers. In A New Hope the saber was still in it’s dwarf stage and by The Empire Strikes back we got a glimpse at the power the saber had when Luke lost his hand. Return of the Jedi brought us a new color saber and when the prequels hit the big screen we got a new appreciation for the lightsaber and what could be done with them in battle and outside of battle.
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In The Force Awakens the lightsaber truly was portrayed as having a life of its own, able to transfer its past to the next generation. I’m curious to see the franchise going forward how the lightsaber will grow and develop and if we may see more of some past sabers from important Jedi and Sith incorporated into episode 8 and 9.

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