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Spider-Man Homecoming 

Spider-Man attends a homecoming dance.
The end.


OK you got me, you got me.

Spider-Man: Homecoming is less of a Spider-Man movie and more of an Avengers spinoff.

Tony Stark’s “son” has been set loose with a new suit.
A suit that to me ruins Spider-Man. Spider-Man is what he is because he got bitten by a spider.
He can walk on walls, has super strength, and web shooters that he, as a scientist, designed. In Homecoming he is given a suit with abilities that far surpass his own natural ones. Stark industries essentially felt that Spider-Man’s powers were OK but they could be oh so much better. 

Now in the movie the suit is taken away, so that he can learn his own abilities and grow up a little. He is only fifteen after all. I daresay fifteen is more like the fifteen of the dark ages today. Back then it was because people did not live past thirty. Today it is because people’s childhood years are become shorter and shorter due to information accessibility.

Speaking of which, Spider-Man Homecoming made me feel old.
It is truly a new generation Spiderman story. Designed to appeal to a younger audience, in ten years people will be calling this movie “dated.” Dated, is a term I hate and think is ridiculous but that is another discussion.

The vulture, played by Michael Keaton, is working on the damage caused by the New York incident. He has been designing and selling weapons from the alien tech.  Spider-Man is at a party one night and contemplating making an appearance as Spider-Man when he sees a demonstration by the Vulture’s salesmen in the distance.
Entertainment Earth

We do have the essential elements of Parker’s tale.
He is a teen suffering from teen angst, hormones, and lack of experience. He also happens to be able to stop a bus with his bare hands.

The movie does get bogged down in re-telling the Avengers movie, with blog footage no less. Yes friends, Spidey has a blog! A secret blog but still a blog. Captain America, Thor, Black Widow, Ant Man, The Incredible Hulk, Iron Man, all get at least a mention. Iron Man takes on the mentor role a little more successfully than his interaction with the young genius in Iron Man 3. There is even a F Marry Kill Joke involving the Avengers.

Secrecy, in the comics, Spider-Man has a secret identity. He does here too, but many people already know who he is. All the Avengers, Happy, Stark, Pepper, his sidekick Ned, (yes they gave him a sidekick) and probably half of SHIELD. Still Aunt May has no idea. At least I think. (Spoiler Alert)The end is not too clear who is in the mirror. I think it is Michelle but not sure 100 percent on that. Where were Spidey’s Spider senses?

Despite all that, this is a good movie. Much better than the movies that have come before. It is about time that Sony and Columbia stepped aside and let comic book people be comic book people. The story runs a bit deeper than what most people typically associate with comic books.

The Vulture is a complex character, Michelle is a complex character, Peter is “in crisis.” The movie also deals with familial relationships, it does skip over Uncle Ben’s story. By having Aunt May be much younger, played by Marisa Tomei, she can be more of a parent than a guardian. May is much more active than the comic book Aunt May.

There are some fun action scenes that are handled very well. We see most in the trailers sadly.  The ATM robbery, The plane, the Staten Island Ferry, the Washington Monument, there are two scenes not in the trailers, but for the most part the big action scenes are no surprise. 

The movie strangely made me feel old. The way the characters acted, the usual social commentary as seen by Michelle’s actions and words. The homage that they literally explained in the middle of the movie to Ferris Bueller by playing the scene from Ferris Bueller, in case we forgot. The integral use of cel phones, the need for Spiderman to have more than just his natural abilities, the need to keep taking off the Spidey mask. All added up to a less than stellar experience for me. As I said, made me feel older.

Decent movie, no need to see in 3D, no need for repeat viewings unless you want to try and catch up on the references and nods. You might have to take a refresher course with Karen first though.

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