THE POP EXPOSE – The Mighty Thor!

Story by Mitchell Smith

Welcome everyone. In 1962 the late great Stan Lee and Jack Kirby created the superhero Thor Odinson. Thor the God of Thunder has had a strong run. There have been countless comics, cartoon, and movies made around the character. As a kid I never got into the comics as there were no places close to me that sold them. There were animated Marvel series in the eighties and nineties but I never got into them either. Then in 2011 Thor was brought alive on the big screen and just released its latest installment Thor Love and Thunder.

Back in the mid eighties I was able to get my hands on some Marvel figures. They were from the 1984 Marvel Secret Wars series. I remember getting Captain America, Iron Man, Dr Doom, Magneto, Kang, Doc Oct, and Spider-Man. Although there was no Thor this was my first introduction to the marvel universe. Looking back I wish I would have hung onto those figures but I have no idea where they went to. In the 1987 movie Adventures in Babysitting young Sara Anderson is obsessed with Thor and thinks she finds him working as a mechanic. This was probably my first introduction the the Thor character.

Fast forward to 2017 Thor Ragnarok where I first learned how cool a character he was. I am a little behind so I watched this on Netflix sometime around 2019. I watched the other 3 this past week and they are all pretty good. Chris Hemsworth does a great job and really brings the Thor character to life. The door is wide open and the franchise looks to be doing another movie in the near future. Who is a fan of Thor? Have a great week everybody.


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