THE POP EXPOSE – The New MLB 3 Game Wild Card Format!

Story By Mitchell Smith

Hello everyone. Today I’m taking a look at the fall classic MLB. Baseball ain’t what it used to be. Now the playoff’s are extended which means more games, more green, and a chance for a team to squeak in and make some noise. Of course the past few weeks have been all about Arron Judge and his home run race against Roger Maris and the Babe’s single season record.

Now it’s a whole new season. Many professional sports have long been set up so an unlikely team could weasel their way in and turn it on when it counts. Now with the new best 2 out of 3 series added Major League Baseball has that element too. Something that was not needed in past years but now seems necessary. I think it’s good for the game and good for the fans.

Seattle has not made the playoffs in 20 years and have never done much other then win a couple games. It would be cool to see them get past the Astros but that would be a true miracle. Overall this should be a good playoff and we will find out soon how the new format works in the MLB. Have a great week everyone.


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