THE POP EXPOSE – Ursula Corbero is the new ‘Baroness’!

Happy Sunday all. Today we are discussing Ursula Corbero. Corbero was born in 1989 in Barcelona Spain and was interested in acting at a young age. She landed several small rolls in the early and mid 2000’s including “Mirall Trencat” and “Ventdelpla”. Then she landed a major roll playing Tokyo in the hit series “Money Heist” in 2017. She is brilliant as Tokyo and I love this series. Even though it is a bit odd because it is dubbed over, the series is really good and Corbero really brought the Tokyo character to life.

Corbero now has landed the roll of Baroness in the upcoming Snake Eyes movie. I can’t wait to see what Corbero brings to the Snake Eyes: G.I.Joe Origins movie and to the Baroness character. The Baroness has a lot to draw from and has even a staple character throughout the G.I. Joe franchise. I hope she can mix it all together and add her own spice to come up with an enhanced version that everyone will love. Corbero is still up and coming and I think she will be around for a while with landing large rolls like the Baroness. I have not checked out any of her earlier work but I have that, and the new Snake Eyes movie in my target zone to watch. Enjoy the rest of the weekend and have a good week everyone. Are you excited about the new Baroness? Sound off below and let us know!


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