Which G.I.Joe ‘Pet Teammate’ is your Favorite? Story by Mitchell Smith!

Welcome to the Outpost. Today I’m taking a look at the G.I.Joe Spirit’s pet teammate ‘Freedom’. G.I.Joe was great at incorporating pets into the toy line. Polly is the most famous do to the fact he could talk, so he naturally had a personality that was easy to recognize. Other animals like Order and Junkyard were faithful companions and had solid rolls in the cartoon. Other characters had animals that really only accompanied the action figure such as Croc Master’s crocodile and Voltar’s condor.

One of the very first used was Freedom. The bald eagle that the Native American Spirit had as a faithful side kick to be an extra set of eyes in the sky to alert him of any potential danger ahead. Spirit was always one of my favorite characters and Freedom was always there to assist. I always thought of him similar to The Beastmaster’s hawk. Over the years there have been several versions including these 4 I have. The original, the modern 25th anniversary, the Sigma Six, and a 12 inch version. All are really cool and I hope we get a 6 inch version. Who loves Freedom? Which is your favorite animal in the series? Sound off below and tell us!

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