Third Party Transformers: SXS-R02 Unofficial Blurr!


Hey Transformers Fans, if you want to add a Blurr figure to your Generations collection that looks really close to his G1 Counterpart, you will not want to miss out on the new SXS-RO2 Unofficial Blurr figure coming from Third Party Transformers Producer SXS Toys. Check out all the details on it below and share your thoughts after the JUMP!

(Source: tfw2005)


SXS Toys has released a picture of their second full transforming robot release on their Weibo. This “not-Blurr” was teased a while ago, however until now we had not seen anything more than a silhouette. This image shows us what this robot will look like – he’s a fairly buff version of Blurr with some cues to the original Cybertronian design and the IDW comics Cybertron mode. (And, as some have pointed out, he also resembles the one-shot dark horse Autobot from Generation 1 episode The Gambler, Devcon).


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