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Tim Burton and Gillian Flynn Team Up for Warner Bros’ Epic Remake: ‘Attack of the Fifty Foot Woman’

In an exhilarating development following the spectacular success of Warner Bros‘ “Barbie,” which garnered eight Oscar nominations and a record-breaking $1.44 billion box office, the studio is set to bring another female-centric blockbuster to life. Under the dynamic leadership of Michael De Luca and Pam Abdy, a new project is taking shape that promises to be a thrilling blend of sci-fi and female empowerment.

The legendary Tim Burton is set to helm “Attack of the Fifty Foot Woman,” a bold and imaginative retelling of the 1958 Warner Bros. sci-fi classic. The screenplay for this anticipated project is being crafted by none other than Gillian Flynn, the acclaimed writer behind “Gone Girl” and the Emmy-nominated “Sharp Objects.”

The original movie, a cult classic produced with a modest budget of $88,000, featured Allison Hayes as a wealthy heiress whose life takes an extraordinary turn. After an alien encounter, she finds herself growing into a giant, adding a dramatic twist to her already tumultuous marriage.

Burton, known for bringing a unique vision to his projects, has previously captivated audiences with reimagined ’50s sci-fi themes, notably in his 1996 hit “Mars Attacks!.” The film, based on Topps trading cards, boasted a star-studded cast and was a box office success.

Joining Burton in producing this ambitious remake are Andrew Mittman and Tommy Harper, with Kai Dolbashian serving as executive producer. Burton, a powerhouse in the film industry, has amassed a global box office total of $4.1 billion with hits like “Alice in Wonderland,” “Planet of the Apes,” “Batman,” and “The Nightmare Before Christmas.”

Fans of Burton can also look forward to the sequel of his 1988 Warner Bros. blockbuster, “Beetlejuice,” titled “Beetlejuice Beetlejuice 2024 A.D.,” set for release on September 6.

Gillian Flynn, a former Entertainment Weekly reporter, has been making waves in the industry. Apart from adapting her novels “Gone Girl” and “Sharp Objects” for the screen, she’s set to bring her novel “Dark Places” to HBO as a limited series. Flynn’s impressive body of work includes creating the Prime Video series “Utopia” and writing the thriller “Widows.”

This collaboration between Burton and Flynn marks an exciting chapter for Warner Bros., promising a cinematic experience that blends nostalgia with a fresh, contemporary edge


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