Transformers Combiner Wars Cyclonus Video Review!


The Transformers Combiner Wars line is not short on excellent figures, and the new Cyclonus is definitely one of the better ones. Today we have a video review for the newTransformers Combiner Wars Cyclonus, so you can make up your mind for yourself if you want to head out and pick this one up.  Let us know after the JUMP!


As we enter Wave 3 of Combiner Wars the line is become flush with repaints/retools. Cyclonus is an interesting choice using a heavily retooled Silverbolt body. Vehicle mode skews more towards the G1 cartoon design while its torso mold draws heavily from Galvatron of that era. As of now there are no official limbs for Galvatronus so any for deluxe CW figures will complete this unique figure. If you’re looking to add Cyclonus to your collection, the deluxe mold from a few years ago is still the better option. If you’re looking for something unique then this Voyager figure is worth a look.


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