Transformers Combiner Wars ‘Devastator’ Early Look!


If you were hoping that the new Transformers Combiner Wars Devastator figure was going to be a mammoth figure, that you were going to love to have in your collection, you are going to get your wish. Check out an early ‘sneak peek’ at the figure below, and sound off with your opinions after the JUMP!


With our first illicit look at Generations Titan Class Combiner Wars Devastator (henceforth referred to as “Devastator”) from Germany’s Toy Fair in Nuremberg, we can see just enough to find that, hey, it sure looks like Devastator! But the question remains that has long been burning at everyone more than anything else – how tall is it going to be? We’ve figured out the answer, so keep reading to find out!

When we estimated the height of Superion, we had a handy fixed size reference to work from. In Nuremburg the only point of scale is a human being, and they can be so annoyingly random in their heights. But that’s not going to deter us. There’s two people in the original photo who appear roughly the same height, which we’re going to estimate at being an even six feet tall. Thankfully the man in full sight in frame is directly in front of Devastator’s display, so he’s valid as a yardstick without having to estimate how perspective has altered the scale.

With the man’s height as a start point, we can subdivide his height in to units of one foot each, and then carry those over to Devastator. It’s clear enough even without the scale that Devastator – at the top of his head – is not two feet tall. So we’ll subdivide our foot unit to inch units and start stacking those until we meet head level. And once we get there we have our number: 17 inches. Keep in mind Devastator appears to be standing on a platform on top of its display pedestal, but if that’s not a platform and is part of the toy’s foot, that accounts for about another inch.

I had previously blindly estimated an outside height for Devastator at 16 inches based on the concept of using six Voyager-size figures in typical Devastator configurations, and that turned out to be reasonably close. If anything this seems to indicate these Constructicons might be tending towards the bigger side of Voyager – or perhaps that one or two members such as Long Haul are distinctly larger based on their role in the combined form, which is increasing Devastator’s mass. So, for those who feared a Devastator the size of Metroplex, you can relax as that does not at all appear to be what’s coming. But it’s probably closer than many would like, as it will still stand inches taller than the rest of the Combiner Wars lineup.


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