Transformers – Dr Wu ‘Only Human’ Autobot Human Character Figures!


Ever wanted to have the Synthoid Human characters from the original Transformers Cartoon to display on the shelf with your Transformers figures? Well now you are going to get that opportunity thanks to Third Party Transformers Dr Wu ‘Only Human’ Figurines Of Human-Form Autobot Characters! Check out these amazing figures and the details on them below, and share your thoughts AFTER THE JUMP!


Via Meteor Operation we have pictures of an upcoming Dr Wu product. Based on the third season G1 episode “Only Human” are four figurines depicting the synthoid-human bodies of Rodimus, Magnus, Arcee and Springer. While not poseable at all, the four figurines are highly detailed, and at least in these promo images, very sharply painted. For scale reference they’re shown with Classics/Generations toy counterparts. No further info at this time, but given the degree of finish, they’re probably on the way soon. Keep reading for all the photos!


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