Transformers FansToys FT-14 Forager (MP Kickback)


Today we have a look at the new Third Party Transformers ‘FansToys TF-14 Forager’ or ‘Masterpiece Kickback‘! It seems FansToys has completed all three of the iconic Insecticons in Masterpiece Scale, and they look AMAZING! Check out the image and details on the figure below, and share your thoughts AFTER THE JUMP!

Forager makes three! The Masterpiece-styled evil insect robot team is finished and man alive, they look complete together. This pre-release review sample, FT-14 Forager test shot to be precise, rounds out the team of three bugs within 8 months of Grenadier first introducing us to FansToys’ take on this popular set. By the time it sees release in June, it will still have been less than a year since FT-12 hit the market. Grenadier was a real hit with me, but Mercenary took longer to love thanks to a total pain of a transformation, so where does Forager sit?




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