Unique Toys UT-D01 Salmoore an Homage to Cy-Kill!

Unique Toys UT-D01 Salmoore Cy-Kill Homage Voyager Class Figure with Chrome Parts Orders Open (1)__scaled_600

When i was growing up in the 80’s we had another great line of transforming toys to play with called Go-Bots. It just so happens that my favorite character from that toy line was the enemy leader Cy-Kill. An epic motor cycle that transformed into a robot. Today we have an awesome Third Party Transformers figure coming that pays homage to Cy-Kill. Check out Unique Toys UT-D01 Salmoore figure, and share your thoughts after the JUMP!

(Source: tformers.com)

Thanks to BBTS who followed out previous report of the Unique Toys UT-D01 Salmoore figure that will be a homage to the Cy-Kill character. The figure listed as a voyager scale toy that will feature chrome on the pipe and wheels! The figure listed for pre-order to arrive 2nd Quarter 2014 at their price of $99.99 USD. You can pre-order the figure now at bigbadtoystore.com


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