Upgrade Set New Images for Generations FOC Bruticus

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Today we have a look at a new third party upgrade set for your Generations FOC Bruticus figure. This set is coming from ECHOTF. Check out the images and details below and share your thoughts after the JUMP!

(Source: TFormers.com)

Just in are new images recently posted to the X-Transbots weibo page. Get a look the upgrade kit for the Generations FOC Bruticus combiner team. The set is made to bring the Hasbro release closer to the real deal with added parts that bulk the giant robot up a good deal. See the images and notes from the folks at EchoTF about the project below.
To all interested in the FOC Bruticus kit: I get several questions daily about “When will the kit be available”, “How much will it cost”, “Where can I buy it” and “What color will it be”.

Here are some answers:

-I don’t know exactly when the kit will be available. It has been going through the production design process which takes a bit of time. This will allow us to go from prototypes to proper, injection-molded, high quality parts. When I know timing better I will post information here. Think ‘at least a couple of months’ and keep your eyes peeled for pre-orders.

-I don’t know how much it will cost. Again, with parts going through the production design process, it takes time to sort out all the details carefully and determine an exact cost. We are doing our best to make this a fair price. We want to ensure a quality product!

-I don’t know where you can buy it yet. Again, without all the details finzlied there are no pre-orders yet. But again, we are working on it RIGHT NOW which means things are progressing well and hopefully soon you will see per-orders at major online e-tailers like BBTS

-Lastly, we are not 100% sure which color will be first. We want to build as many colors as possible and demand seems really good so we will do our best here also, and again post information when we have it.

We realize this has been as a long a journey for us as it has been for you, the fans and appreciate all the interest and support. Thanks for the patience! Hopefully this answers your questions for now. Stay tuned!!!!


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