What Powerful Person Dies in Batman vs Superman?


What world events are going to lead to the mass a hatred of The Man of Steel in Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice? Well it might just be the leader of the free world that’s all. Check out more on this below and share your thoughts after the JUMP!

(Source: cinemablend)

One sneaky Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice extra has risked the wrath of Zack Snyder after he revealed that one particularly powerful character might get killed off in the blockbuster. However he’s probably not as important as you think.

Obviously there’s a good chance that there are spoilers ahead. So you should probably read on at your peril. Are they gone? Good. So according to Superman Homepage the President of the United States will meet his demise in the Man Of Steel sequel. A paid extra made the revelation to the website, before going on to explain that they were a part of a parade that was being held in his honor.
“The second scene I was involved in was situated in a half-stadium style set surrounded by tall green screen walls. Henry Cavill was on set dressed as Clark Kent, but did not film with us that day. This scene was a parade scene to take place in ‘Washington D.C,’ obviously the CG effects for the surroundings would be placed in post-production. The parade, we were told, was the funeral for the President of the United States.”

Juicy stuff. How will the President die then? Will be targeted by a fiendish villain? Will Superman bungle his attempt to save POTUS’ life, which is why the rest of the world goes on to despise Krypton’s favorite son? At this point it’s all purely guesswork. But you can’t help but speculate.

I do have a slight concern with this revelation, though. Of course no one wants to see the President Of The United States die. But if he does go on to perish in Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice, who cares? It’s not like we’ve seen him before in Zack Snyder’s Superman universe. In fact, why wasn’t he more prominent in Man Of Steel? When it really it look as though Michael Shannon’s General Zod was going to destroy the earth, Richard Schiff was asked to assist Superman. C’mon, POTUS!

What I’m trying to get at here is that it just seems like a cheap way to try and get the audience invested in the film, while also proving that no one in this universe is safe. Surely this should be achieved organically through subtle plotting and nuanced characterization? Hopefully I’m worrying about nothing, I mean there’s no denying the fact that Chris Terrio managed to do what I mentioned above with Argo. Plus, he has an Academy Award at home that proves he knows what he’s doing so hopefully everything should work out just fine. Hopefully.

The paid extra, who asked to remain anonymous because of the various legal implications that would come about if Warner Bros. found out who they were, also went on to describe another scene. Click on to learn more about it

The mouthy extra with the loose lips went on to describe the following scene from Zack Snyder’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.
The first scene we filmed was with Jeremy Irons. It was out in a field with young Bruce Wayne. A flashback to the Wayne funeral. The small set was really cool, with the hearse vehicles sporting Gotham license plates.”

Once again I’m a little perturbed by this information. Why do we need to see a flashback to young Bruce Wayne at his parents’ funeral? Surely everyone now knows that Batman’s issues come from the fact that he watched his mother and father die. And even if people don’t know this, does it need to be rammed down our throats again? Ben Affleck is a competent enough actor to anchor Bruce Wayne and Batman down with a true sense of melancholy and sadness. Why do they need to revert to a clichéd flashback scene that truly rams home his pain?

But once again I’m probably just overreacting. Probably.


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