Will Friedle to Voice ‘Star-Lord’ in GoG the Animated Series!


I am very excited to find out how the upcoming ‘Guardians of The Galaxy‘ Animated Series is going to turn out. Today we have learned that Will Friedle has been hired to take on the role of voicing ‘Star-Lord‘. Get the skinny on this below, and let us know what you think after the JUMP!

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After the release of Guardians Of The Galaxy back in August of last year, Marvel and Disney have made sure to capitalize on the film’s instant success. The film was such a hit with critics and projected for such high box office numbers that a sequel was announced at Comic-Con International, a week before the movie was even released in theaters. After its release, Guardians spawned everything imaginable in merchandising, from action figures to raccoon ear headphones, and made an overnight action star/sex symbol of Chris Pratt.

Back in October, at New York Comic-Con, Disney and Marvel announced plans for a Guardians Of The Galaxy animated series on the Disney XD channel. With all of the success the franchise has seen it is no surprise that Disney would approach Marvel about utilizing Guardians the same way they did Star Wars with Star Wars Rebels. While the series does not have a solid premiere date other than some time this year, more news has come forward about casting voices for the Guardians. Today, Disney has announced that Boy Meets World actor Will Friedle will be providing the voice of Star-Lord, the character made famous by action star/sex symbol Chris Pratt.

For those who may not know, this will not be Eric Matthews’s first trip into voice acting. Friedle has appeared in such animated shows as Transformers, Thundercats, Batman Beyond, and other Disney shows such as Ultimate Spider-Man and Kim Possible. Friedle will be joined by Kevin Michael Richardson (Family Guy) as the voice of Groot and Trevor Devall (Johnny Test) as the voice of Rocket Raccoon.

Take a look at the announcement video, and let us know what you think of the casting in the comment section.


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