WST Dinorobots Black from Justitoys!

Justitoys WST Dinorobots Black Out Set SG Dinobots (1)__scaled_600

If you love to collect anything Dinobots related you are going to look into grabbing this Third Party Transformers set. The color scheme is really cool, and their G1 accuracy is nice as well. Check out more details on the Justitoys WST Dinorobots Black set below and share your thoughts after the JUMP!


Justitoys have released a second 5 pack of WST Dinorobot. The first set was called Dark Retribution, and featured the original 5 Dinorobots in black and clear with blue highlights. This set was limited to 500 pieces, and sold out, commanding a high price on the aftermarket. This new “Black Out” set is very similar looking, but features red highlights instead of blue. They are already selling on ebay, shipped out of China.


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