Nerdversity101: Interviews Dan Klingensmith: 3.75 “book w/ WOJMs Gary Godsoe!


Sam (rev) Sears (myself) hosts this interview with Dan Klingensmith author of the upcoming book 3.75 ” Joe that delves into the origins of the 80’s and early 90’s big toyline, from it’s origins, designs, the creators stories, to unused concepts. Sam is joined by hosts Alex “Jaxs”, new comer Nate Blaine, and we were blessed to have What’s on Joe Mind Host Gary Godsoe as a host this episode as well.

We discuss Dan’s interest in the brand and segway to his book. We investigate the Flagg’s Origins, an alternate take on the B.A.T. (Battle Android Trooper) as well as an interesting early spin on Major Bludd and more. We close by chatting about the current state of the G.I.Joe brand and our hopes for the future.

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