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I went to the 3D showing. I highly recommend that you see this in 3D. One of the main draws and features of this film is it’s artistic style. This is emboldened by the 3D process. The other artistic element to the film is of course that it is in black and white with a splash of color here and there.Frank Miller has done it again. He weaves the tales of all these different characters together with a nice tie in to the events in Sin City. Very dark, The tale is told through narration. Two of the characters, Marv and Dwight are quite similar. Anti-heroes. The dame to kill for Eva, played by Ava green will seduce you as much as she seduces the men in her life. The men in the film, are barely recognizable save for Bruce Willis and Joseph Gordon Levitt. There are so many stories I cannot list them all. Each character has their own story. Marv, Dwight and Johnny do most of the narration.

There is a lot of blood, sometimes it is red and sometimes it is comic book white. Speaking of comic books, the art direction is superb. It won’t feel like you are reading a comic but it does use space and lines and angles to great effect. The other thing is, you won’t like these characters, they do despicable things, they act out the worst of humanity, and that is also what makes them great characters. This idea of a part of town that is so seedy, so corrupt, so dangerous the cops won’t go near it, it intrigues. So if you want to see beautiful women, flawed heroes, and a perverse insight on human dispositions, this is the film for you.
If you do go and you do like it, spread the word, Sin City a Dame to Kill For. Share your thoughts on it AFTER THE JUMP!



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