A Nostalgic Look Back: G.I. Joe Highlights of 2014

Welcome to the Outpost. Today I’m taking a look back at the G.I. Joe’s released in 2014 . I thought this was a bitter sweet year. This was the 50th anniversary year and we got a few good Joes but the best one at retail that I only got recently is Leatherneck. This was a great figure and one of the best modern figures that captured the original magic of Leatherneck. I had the original as a kid and I was excited to finally get this guy.

Cobra had a nice little cash including the Red Night Viper that was packaged with Low Light in case you missed him the first release and a HEAT Viper packaged with Blowtorch which was a cool two pack. Along with those there was a really cool Arctic BAT packaged with a slightly repainted 2010 Snow Job. There was a few club and convention figures I would have loved to have. Eco Warrior Flint, Ozone, and Clean Sweep are ones I would have loved to see at retail and still would like to get those at some point in my life. Big Bear, Toxo-Viper, Cesspool, and Repulser are all cool so I guess the whole Zombie Initiative box set would have been awesome. Enough about figures, the vehicles were sliming down to nothing but much like 2013 they were saved by a couple vehicles.

So I’ll just say that if they were going to paint the Snow Cat green and call it the HAVOC, they should have released it to retail with Cross-Country. That is my rant on that. So there are 2 sets that are awesome. First is the Danger at the Docks set that comes with a Vamp, Flint, The Night Landing raft, and an Eel. This was a cool set but I was not able to track it down this year. Someday I might but for now I am content. I was able to get the Battle Below Zero set. This has the Cobra WOLF with an Ice viper and the Ghost Hawk with a Snake Eyes. Both of these vehicles are 2 of my favorites. I had the Wolf when I was a kid and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on this set. This is one of the nicest Vipers and really captured that original I ever Viper. Who are your favorite figures from this year? Make sure to check back next week for those crazy hunts for 2015 releases.


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