A Nostalgic Look Back: G.I. Joe Highlights of 2014

Welcome to the Outpost. Today I’m taking a look back at the G.I. Joe’s released in 2014 . I thought this was a bitter sweet year. This was the 50th anniversary year and we got a few good Joes but the best one at retail that I only got recently is Leatherneck. This was a great figure and one of the best modern figures that captured the original magic of Leatherneck. I had the original as a kid and I was excited to finally get this guy. Cobra had a…

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G.I.Joe 50th Anniversary Cobra Wolf ‘In Hand’ Images!

If you have been out to Toys r Us lately I am sure you were hoping to pick up the new 50th Anniversary G.I.Joe Items. One of the more sought after items is the Cobra Wolf Vehicle with Ice Viper. Unfortunately it seems to be very scarce at the moment. Our own Major Wolf has lucked out and scored one in Houston Texas and was nice enough to share a Photo With us, as well as the rest of the G.I.Joe 50th Anniversary Items he Scored. Check it out below and Share your Thoughts after the JUMP!

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