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“Cobra La Controversy: G.I. Joe’s Most Polarizing Characters and the Call for Their Rebirth in Classified Line”

In the world of G.I. Joe, there have been countless memorable characters, vehicles, and storylines that have captivated fans for decades. However, one particular corner of G.I. Joe lore has always managed to stand out as the most controversial and divisive: the enigmatic characters from Cobra La. This peculiar group of characters made their mark in the animated movie “G.I. Joe: The Movie,” and their legacy still incites heated discussions among fans. In this op-ed, we will delve deep into the controversy surrounding Cobra La, discuss their role in the animated movie, and explore why fans are clamoring for their revival in the G.I. Joe Classified action figure line.

The Controversial Roots of Cobra La: Cobra La, a fictional civilization in the G.I. Joe universe, first appeared in “G.I. Joe: The Movie,” released in 1987. It introduced a group of characters unlike anything fans had seen before. Cobra La was led by the enigmatic Golobulus, a snake-like being with grand ambitions, and his loyal henchman, Nemesis Enforcer, an imposing figure with a skeletal visage.

What set Cobra La apart from the rest of the G.I. Joe mythos was their origin story. According to the film, Cobra La was an ancient, hidden society predating human history, responsible for engineering a race of bioengineered creatures that influenced human evolution. This narrative departure from the typical G.I. Joe storyline, which had focused on a battle between the heroic Joes and the evil Cobra organization, left fans divided.

The Character Designs and Action Figures: One aspect that fuels the controversy surrounding Cobra La is the unique character designs. Golobulus and Nemesis Enforcer were distinctly otherworldly in appearance, and their action figures reflected this. Golobulus was a humanoid with a serpent-like lower body and a striking feature—an organic eyepiece. Nemesis Enforcer, on the other hand, had a bat like face and a menacing, muscular build with giant bat wings. These character designs were a stark departure from the more traditional military and espionage-themed G.I. Joe figures that fans were accustomed to.

Some fans found these character designs intriguing, appreciating the creative risks taken by the creators. However, many others were put off by the departure from the familiar military aesthetic of the G.I. Joe franchise. This dichotomy of opinions contributed to the controversy surrounding Cobra La.

Cobra La in “G.I. Joe: The Movie”: In “G.I. Joe: The Movie,” Cobra La played a significant role in the storyline. Golobulus, along with his ambitious scheme to launch spore bombs to mutate humanity, became a central antagonist. The movie showcased Cobra La’s unique technology and army of bioengineered creatures, further emphasizing the group’s distinction from the traditional Cobra forces.

The film’s decision to make Cobra La a central element of the story was a bold move. While it added a layer of complexity to the narrative, it also polarized the fanbase. Longtime fans of the G.I. Joe series were presented with a radical departure from what they had come to expect, leading to mixed reactions.

Fans Call for a Cobra La Revival in G.I. Joe Classified: Over the years, G.I. Joe fans have seen the resurgence of their beloved franchise with the G.I. Joe Classified line of action figures. This line has provided collectors with highly detailed and poseable figures that pay homage to the classic characters of G.I. Joe. As the line continues to grow, many fans are now advocating for a revival of Cobra La characters in the G.I. Joe Classified series.

While Cobra La remains one of the most controversial elements in G.I. Joe history, there is a passionate subset of fans who have grown to appreciate their uniqueness. These fans see the potential for Cobra La figures in the Classified line, with updated designs and articulation that could do justice to these iconic yet divisive characters.

The Call for Inclusivity: One argument in favor of including Cobra La in the G.I. Joe Classified line is the desire for inclusivity. G.I. Joe has a rich and diverse cast of characters, and Cobra La, despite its divisive nature, is a part of that history. The G.I. Joe franchise has always embraced a wide range of characters, from soldiers to ninjas to scientists. Embracing Cobra La in the Classified line could be seen as a way to honor the franchise’s full spectrum of characters.

The G.I. Joe Classified line has shown a willingness to expand beyond the core characters and explore lesser-known figures. This approach appeals to fans who want to see Cobra La get its due. These characters could be reimagined with modern design aesthetics and articulation, bridging the gap between old-school nostalgia and contemporary action figure quality.

Balancing Tradition and Innovation: For the G.I. Joe brand, finding the right balance between tradition and innovation has always been a challenge. Cobra La’s inclusion in the G.I. Joe Classified line could serve as a testament to the brand’s willingness to evolve and embrace its entire history, even the controversial parts. It would also open up new storytelling possibilities, allowing for intriguing interactions between Cobra La and the more traditional G.I. Joe characters.

In recent years, Hasbro, the company behind G.I. Joe, has demonstrated a commitment to engaging with its fanbase. Through fan surveys and other forms of feedback, the company has shown a willingness to listen to the desires of G.I. Joe enthusiasts. With many fans expressing a strong desire to see Cobra La figures in the Classified line, Hasbro has an opportunity to strengthen its bond with its dedicated fanbase.

Cobra La remains the most controversial and fandom-dividing element in the G.I. Joe universe. The distinctive character designs and the narrative departure from traditional G.I. Joe themes have fueled passionate debates among fans for decades. Despite this division, there is a growing movement among enthusiasts to bring Cobra La back to life through the G.I. Joe Classified action figure line. The desire for inclusivity and the potential to strike the right balance between tradition and innovation provide compelling reasons for Hasbro to consider giving Cobra La characters a new lease on life. As G.I. Joe fans continue to voice their opinions, it will be interesting to see if Cobra La will make a triumphant return to the action figure world, adding a new chapter to the storied history of this beloved franchise.

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2 Thoughts to ““Cobra La Controversy: G.I. Joe’s Most Polarizing Characters and the Call for Their Rebirth in Classified Line””

  1. XIIK

    Nemesis Enforcer would be such a bad ass figure
    He is at the top of my “Most Wanted Villains” list in this line. I picture that intimidating sillouhette from late in the movie colored in with a crazy good action figure.

    I say why not? Golobulus could be sold as a deluxe with interchangable lower halves (for example, legs, poseable snake tail and a coil for simple display) since that ball of goo may put off collectors for a variety of reasons. Pythona and Cobra La troops would be excellent additions to the shelf. Very toyetic designs who are long overdue for accessible reimaginings.

    We already Mole Rats – Scientists infected with freakin dark energon!!! Who are a brand new character to boot; I personally dont see an issue because if you dont like them, dont buy them.

  2. XIIK

    One of the great things about GI Joe post 86 is the great thing about Marvel and DC. Theres a variety for everyone. You like 90s Joe? Here ya go. Sunbow? We got you covered. IDW? Devils Due? We got something for that. Hell I want Marvel Nam versions of Stalker, Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow as bad as Hooded Cobra Commmander and Nemesis Enforcer. GI Joe has such a rich and diverse buffet if styles, characters, designs and subcategories that Cobra-La is a no brainer for inclusion, at least IMHO.

    I have a friend who doesnt care about anything (with rare exception) after 1986 in his (massive) retro collection, and this is reflected in his Classified purchases. Another who only wants Crimson Guard characters; and yet another who picks and chooses.

    Personally I am all in, but the amount of items I have no prior investment or history in is very low. I watched Sunbow GI Joe really young, and kept watching reruns and new episodes all through the DIC era. Im excited for announcements of Cesspool, Jet Pack Hawk, Slice and Dice as much as Blowtorch, Law and Order or IG Destro.

    And not everyone is going to feel that way. But I wouldnt say “Zap has no place in this line” because I am not particualrly fond of the OG figure. The fans who want all the 82-83 Joes and the fans who want Cobra-La are both right. This line has a lot of years left if it keeps selling well and I think everyone will probably get what they want when its all said and done.

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