Collecting the art of G.I. Joe: Volume 1 (1982–1983) ‘Kickstarter’!


Collecting the art of G.I. Joe: Volume 1 is a celebration of the first two years of painted art from G.I.Joe: A Real American Hero!
3DJoes is making a soft cover version of the book so grab yours now only 500 copies will be made. CLICK HERE TO GET SIGNED UP!

And join in the Discussion after the JUMP!

From the kickstarter page:

So why make books? Well, the answer is simple: you guys demanded it! I’ve fielded countless requests for a G.I.Joe art book since the first carded figure poster debuted. Most often people tell me they love the posters but they are running out of wall space (or never had any to start with).
With your help, we will create a $35 soft cover book. My posters are printed on 65# paper because that’s about as thick as you can go and still roll safely for shipping. These books will be mailed flat, so the pages can be significantly thicker. We are going to print on 100# paper! Pages will be saddle stitched, so the two page 11×16” spreads can lay flat and art will not be lost to the gutter.
Even more impressive, the cover will be card stock with an AccuFoil print! If you missed last year’s kickstarter postcards, check them out! These are printed on foil paper with special inks. The art is undisturbed head on, but reflects light at an angle for an incredibly luminous effect.

The kickstarter is funded, this is just to let you know there are still more books available!
for the price of one FSS figure you get all the packaging art from 82-83 digitally restored in one place. Can’t beat that.


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