G.I.Joe ‘1987 Vehicles’ Discussion By Mitchell Smith!

Welcome to the Outpost. Many might argue G.I. Joe vehicles were on a decline in 1987, but this was a year I got a lot of vehicles for Christmas and it is one of my favorite years. First up on my list is one I had and it is one of the best vehicles and one that gets overlooked a lot and that is the Mobile Command Center. This thing had a ton of play value and for any Star Wars fans it had a bit of a Sand Crawler feel, so this one is a favorite of mine. Next is another large vehicle and I did not have one of these but it is an awesome vehicle for those who did and may own one today and that is the Defiant.

The Crossfire is an R/C vehicle that would have been awesome to have back in the day, although you still can find them today getting a good one in working condition might be tough. This is also the Battle Force 2000 year which I recently did an exclusive on this whole set. This is one of my favorites as a whole as well. The Persuader may have gotten overlooked a little this year but never the less I have a couple of these in my collection and they are nice little attack vehicles. I had the Road Toad, Slam, and Coastal Defender as a kid and these may not be popular among collectors but I had many enjoyable hours with these as a kid so I do love all 3 of them. Cobra had some great vehicles this year as well. The Buzz Boar is one of the acquired tastes I think. A bit odd looking but I spent hours chasing Joes as a kid. The Cobra Jet Pack is essentially and upgraded Claw and is pretty cool. The Cobra Pogo Ballistic Battle Ball was a mouthful to say and although this is a very strange vehicle I had one and I thought it was cool when I was a kid. Time to get into the juicy Cobra Vehicles from this year.

The Maggot is a cool 3 piece tank. It also cam with a very popular driver. The Cobra Sea Ray is a nice vehicle and I recently did an exclusive on this one. The Mamba is a really cool concept chopper. In real life this thing is probably a death sentence to fly but it was awesome as a kid. The Cobra Wolf is a very nice snow vehicle that could battle one of my all time favorite vehicles the Snow Cat. This one was a grand slam all around including the drive. I also received the Dreadnok Cycle and Zanzibar’s Air Skiff. There were also a number of small backpacks that were different stations that were kind of cool but I never had any. Anti-Aircraft Gun, Earth Borer, Helicopter, Radar Station, Pom-Pom Gun, Mountain Climber, Rope Crosser, and the Rope Walker which oddly enough I found one in my house when I moved in several years ago.

This was the year I got the most Joe Vehicles and I know I owe all the credit to my mother who made this a very special year for me. Monday the 17th will be the first year celebrating her birthday in heaven. She made many special years for me, and I know it was never easy. So here is to you mom for making my childhood special. What is your favorite 1987 vehicle? Sound off AFTER THE JUMP and let us know! Make sure to check back for our next discussion.

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