G.I.Joe 1988 Desert Fox Vehicle Review!

Welcome to the Outpost. Today I’m checking out the 1988 G.I.Joe Desert Fox. This is a very cool vehicle design with many features. The driver Cyril “Skidmark” Colombani is an interesting looking figure with a semi controversial code name. I think Skidmark would have been an awesome figure if he had come with a removable helmet. The figure was all original and looked pretty cool to me. There was not a modern figure named Skidmark, but he was renamed Treadmark which is a skid mark if you have ever had to lock them up on the road. So onto his vehicle. By this point there had been so many awesome iconic vehicles in the G.I. Joe franchise.

This was a year I got several vehicles but I did not have one of these. The first thing that stands out is that it is a 6 wheeler. This allowed for a little more room to have a computer station in the back. From a time before computers were a hand held devise, this was a really cool looking part of the vehicle. I do wish they had designed it a little better to keep the figure in place but it’s still pretty solid. The top 9 millimeter type gun is pretty cool and looks proportioned and realistic.

I like the orange on this vehicle, the side missiles and gun mount don’t overtake the vehicle but compliment the tan ever so elegantly. The overall design is pretty cool and if you find an old beater I thought this could easily be turned into a desert transport with the gun mount removed. I really love this vehicle and would love to see a modern version with either a modern Skidmark or an O-ring figure with a removable helmet.

G.I.Joe 1988 ‘Desert Fox’ Review!


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