THE POP EXPOSE – The Exciting Career of Voice Actor Neil Ross!

Hello everyone! Today I’m checking out one of the great voice actors of our time Neil Ross. Ross started out in radio and once left his gig in Idaho and took a radio job in Hawaii for $400 per month. Ross was also the announcer for the popular game show Press Your Luck where he also did the sound for the little Whammy guy cartoon who would dance across the tv screen and take all your money. If you have never watched this show find a clip of it. Ross got into voice acting and would become one of the great voices of the eighties.

Although Ross did modern work in shows such as Jimmy neutron and Ben 10, he did many great stuff in the eighties. His first big character was Keith from Voltron. I remember waking up early Saturday morning to watch Voltron. The show was really great and I loved it as it was much different then the other shows at the time. He also was several Transformers including his favorite Springer. His favorite character to play, as stated in a recent podcast “What’s In My Head”, Shipwreck from G.I. Joe. Shipwreck has always been one of my favorite characters and one of the first figures I bought with my own money.

Among these popular shows he also played a number of other characters in shows like Rambo, Hulk Hogans Rock ‘n’ Wrestling, and X-Men animated series. Ross regrettably did say he passed up a chance at TMNT. How cool would that have been? Although he has also voiced many characters in video games like Star Wars and Spider-Man, he says you work mostly alone and he prefers working with other people. Ross also released a book “Vocal Recall” in 2018 about his life in radio and voice acting. He is an interesting person and a very interesting to listen to. Who is your favorite Neil Ross character? Sound off below and let us know!


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