G.I.Joe Classified ‘Pulsecon’ Figure Reveals!

Hasbro revealed four new figures to the G.I.Joe Classified series lineup this morning at their ‘Pulsecon’ event. Fan favorites like Zartan, Cobra Viper, Firefly, and Cobra Soldier. Noticeably absent from the reveal were any ‘Joe’ characters. Checkout the details and images below and share your thoughts AFTER THE JUMP.

G.I. Joe Classified:

Zartan: monkey paw, snake head, swamp design, extra face in backpack
New Dreadnok Logo and art on box by Tony Daniel

Cobra Infintry: Sunbow inspired. Rifle with new web gear attachment system.
Package Art by Kekai Kotaki

Firefly: Dynomite, Burned face, backpack with drone (bomb drone) data pad, blaster, goggles
Art by Jeremy Wilson

Cobra Viper: Very classic looking, built in mags for weapons, blast effect ports in rifle blaster, goggles
Art by Anthony Petrie


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