G.I. Joe Inside The Filecards Featuring ‘Clutch’!

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Story by Staff Writer “Shaft”

G.I. Joe Clutch is listed as a PMS of “Transportation” and SMS of “Infantry”. Looking up the Transportation Corps for the US Army the closest MOS that would be relevant to Clutch is the 88M Motor Transport Operator, which is basically a military truck driver. It is a combat service support position so he would not have been on the front lines fighting or anything.

I think it would be more logical that Clutch started out as an 88M then re-classed as an 11B infantry (so his PMS and SMS would be reversed). He would have picked up more skills as an 11B and be more marketable instead of just driving large semi’s. Even though Ranger School (which is listed on his filecard) is open to all MOS’s I would think Infantry MOS’s would be higher up on the list to be able to attend versus an 88M. His filecard also states he attended Advanced Infantry School and is qualified with the M-14 so it is possible he is a Vietnam War vet.

Other schools mentioned include “Covert Ops School” and “Executive Bodyguard School”. There is no such thing as Covert Ops School but it could be a reference to some of the schools taught by the CIA at Langley. Since the Joe team seems to be more into “covert” operations it would make sense that maybe Hawk sent him and other OG13’s to these schools for them to learn tradecraft. This is something that Delta operators learn as well so would make sense for the Joe team.

I also figured Clutch has attended advanced tactical driving courses to set him apart from the other Joes. I also figure since he has the advanced driving skills the executive bodyguard school would have been taken afterwards and Hawk would typically employ him as his personal driver for this reason (which we see in Marvel issue #1).

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