Today i delve into the filecard of the G.I. Joe character Scarlett. She has “Intelligence” listed as her PMS and “Classified” as SMS. Her filecard also mentions “Counter Intelligence” so that helps define what MOS she would be in, which is a 35L Counter-Intelligence Special Agent. From what I read a few years ago a 35L is not an entry level MOS but reading now on the US Army’s website that has appeared to change. If you go by Scarlett enlisting years ago then she probably would have started out in another Intelligence Branch MOS (maybe a 35F Intelligence Analyst) before re-classing as a 35L. Besides Rock’n’Roll she is probably also the easiest to categorize what MOS she is in.

Scarlett has Advanced Infantry Training and qualified on the M-14 so like most of the other OG13 she is most likely a Vietnam War veteran. She is also a trained sniper due to attending the Marine Sniper School. Obviously Hama took liberties with a lot of these schools she attended as they were all closed to women during that time. It does seem odd though that an intelligence operative would take training in Infantry and Sniper schools (regardless of sex) as this is not the kind of work they perform in. She also did a stint training with the Special Air Service (which some special operations operatives will do), went to Ranger School and also the “Covert Ops School” (most likely Langley), which the last school would be more in line with what her MOS is.

Forty years later we are still unclear what “Classified” is supposed to represent. lol What are your thoughts about Scarlett’s filecard? Share them with us in the comments below!

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