G.I.Joe ‘Killer Whale’ Discussion By Mitchell Smith!

This week I’m going to dive into some G.I.Joe water vehicles. I’m going to kick things off with the 1984 Killer Whale. When this came out this was the largest G.I. Joe vehicle at the time. This was so awesome and I was able to get one second hand when one of my cousins gave me a bunch of his G.I. Joe stuff. Not only was this large but it could hold tons of Joes, and had many moving parts and different features such as depth charges, a huge front storage area, and it really floats.

This vehicle came with one of the great all time great Joes, Cutter. Cutter was defined a lot by his hat bearing a Boston Red Sox logo. I always thought it would have been funny to have one of the many Joes from NYC to be a Yankee fan and have these 2 toss in a little dark humor about the teams long running rivalry. The Whale and Cutter were a staple part of the cartoon and I’m not 100% sure but I believe they were also used a lot in the comics. I do have one of these in my collection that is missing some parts and has some broken parts here and there, but even incomplete this vehicle still looks awesome and still holds a lot of sentimental value and is one of the greatest vehicles all time for G.I. Joe. I don’t think I have to ask who loves the Whale, so I will ask you has a 100% complete Whale? Sound off AFTER THE JUMP. Make sure to check back this week for more 1984 discussion.

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