‘G.I.Joe S.H.A.R.C.’ Discussion By Mitchell Smith!

Welcome to the Outpost. 1984 featured one of the greatest G.I.Joe vehicles with the S.H.A.R.C.. What a great concept vehicle being able to fly as well as dive. This was a another staple vehicle that was used extensively in the cartoon. Although I know there are a lot of people out there who are not a huge fan of the Deep Six figure, but he was a marketing gimmick.

Being able to put him in the tub and have him sink or float was a really cool play feature at the time. Perhaps they should have slapped his head on a torpedo body and sold the vehicle with 2 different versions of Deep Six, but I don’t think they had collectors in mind at the time. The shark itself was used by many other characters including Torpedo, Shipwreck, and Lady Jaye to name a few. So if you were fortunate enough to have one of these as a kid this was a vehicle that would have been used a lot in many adventures.

The mold was used for various other versions such as Sky Patrol and Night Force, and there were also several modern versions that this was used for. The Shark was used extensively in the cartoon and was one of my favorite vehicles even though I never had one as a kid. Over all this is one of the best vehicles made, it was small but had huge play value and still displays well for collectors. Who loves the S.H.A.R.C.? Sound off and let us know AFTER THE JUMP! Make sure to check back for our next discussion.

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