G.I.Joe ‘Law & Order’ Discussion by Mitchell Smith!

The G.I.Joe 1985 lineup paved the way for many unique characters for the years to come. 1987, I thought was one of the best years for joe figures and probably the first year I got a ton of the figures for Christmas. There were so many awesome characters like Fast Draw, Crystal Ball, and Techno Viper.

This year also released a great lineup of vehicles like the Mamba, the Cobra Sea Ray, and the unique R/C car the Crossfire. There are so many and I’m looking to do a write up on a few this week. One of my favorites from this year was a big hit from G.I. Joe the Movie. Law and Order was a figure I got as a Kid and he was introduced and developed into kind of a fun loving cop.

He did not have a ton of screen time but I thought they did a good job to give us an idea what Law and Order are all about. I love this figure right from his uniform to his German Shepard Order. I would have loved to see him more in the cartoons, but it is what it is, so I will just have to create my own adventures in my head. I’m not sure if he had any backstory in the comics, but I always thought there was something more to add to Laws story. I would have loved to see him regularly in the cartoon. He is just one of those characters I’ve always loved. Who are my Law & Order fans out there? Sound off below and let us know AFTER THE JUMP! Make sure to check in for our next discussion.

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