Welcome to the Outpost. Today I’m taking a look at a G.I. Joe vehicle that I feel is under appreciated. In 1993 G..I Joe was on a hard slide. There were several factors contributing to it, but Hasbro still had a few cool vehicles that nobody seems to talk about. The 1984 WHALE is one of the best water vessels with so many features and so many memories in the cartoons, but another good size water vessel with lots of room for Joes is the Shark 9000 with v3 Cutter.

I love this boat it really does hold a lot of figures and even though this comes with Cutter you can use v1 or v2. Speaking of Cutter was he the first yearly Sports Figure? I’ve been working on a custom Classified Cutter, hopefully that comes together soon. Any hoot this seats 5 but there are a lot of foot pegs to stand figures. It does float and the propeller has a rubber band mechanism where you can wind it up and will give a short effect of the propeller moving the boat.

There is also a squirt gun feature but the gun looks proportionate so looks good even without using as a squirt gun. There is a launching mechanism that will fire missiles, 2 torpedoes stored in a compartment up front or mines which I don’t have any that are stored in the rear of the boat. It has a Coast Guard feel to it and overall this is a pretty awesome boat with a lot of features. Who had this one as a kid? Share your stories with us in the comments below. Make sure to check back for my next Joe discussion.

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