G.I.Joe ‘COBRA RATTLER’ Discussion By Mitchell Smith!

Image Courtesy of 3DJoes.com

There are many great G.I. Joe vehicles, and many different types of vehicles. There are many awesome jets, but the first Cobra Jet was one that has been a staple throughout and is one of the greatest vehicles of all time. The Cobra Rattler was one I was able to play with as a kid. It was my brothers but he was pretty good at sharing.

This is just one of those staple vehicles that was used extensively in the cartoon, comics, and anyone fortunate to have one of these to rival your Skystriker was one special kid. Not to say that the rest of you were not special just having both of these was something in itself as a kid. Starting from front cannon to the gunners cockpit, the rotating wings there was nothing better in 1984. Then it also came with one of my all time favorite pilots, Wild Weasel. He was just so unique and just a well created character and figure. This is still one of my all time favorite vehicles and Wild Weasel is hands down top 10 all time Cobra characters. Do you love the Cobra Rattler and Wild Weasel? Let us know AFTER THE JUMP. Check back tomorrow for our next G.I. Joe discussion.

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