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No one in the theater laughed at Sausage Party. I know because I would have heard laughter because it was pretty empty in there. We are subjected to every stereotype in the book. Racial, ethnic, religious, sexual orientation all are fair game in this romp about randy foodstuffs. There are some attempts at funny scenes which come off as just too obvious.
The villain is a douche that becomes a super villain douche after he is bent and revived by eating a grape box’ We get a dated joke about bath salts and there are multiple drug references. We are subjected to several minutes of what I suppose was to be one of those haha the sausage is between his legs and looks like a…which is mildly amusing for about thirty seconds.

Who knew food was so horny I can see a douche being horny but food? The orgy scene just had me thinking how terrible some of these food combinations might taste. Yes that is right, I said orgy scene. What do you think a sausage party implies anyway?

The premise was sound and there was so much they could have done. Instead we are resigned to endure a series of juvenile jokes that really are not funny. Rogen tries to hit certain notes in the sexual department and most revolve around the old reliable trope of hee hee let’s do a gay joke.

Add to that the ridiculous violence, I am ok with the horrific mutilations of food. Heck I practice those types of actions daily. The homicidal actions of the food on humans when their plans to open their eyes with bath salts fail are just silly. Bath salts cause a drug induced revelation, The affected human or god, can see the legs and arms of his food and other commodities. The affected can also hear them speak. It only lasts for a short time. Once the drug wears off, food once again looks like food.

An example of the violent nature is you see a bottle of soda and a tube of Mentos like candy perched above a human tied up with licorice in the candy aisle by Lilliputian means. You know what is going to happen. Your stomach won’t explode but I would not recommend trying this one at home kids. The jab at Pixar was really uncalled for, did Lasseter do something to annoy Seth Rogen? I imagine many won’t even get that joke. Like a ten year old calling another ten year old a name.

Party tried to be Mel Brooks complete with a Brooks-like reference to Hitler. One scene, typical of Brooks humor, even depicted an argument between an atheist and a theist. That scene was at least amusing, but may have been over the heads of the targeted audience. I think this would have been much better if it had attempted to be a horror comedy.

It was original but unfunny and boring.
Giving this one a D.
Food should not sing either.

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