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I really can’t discuss this without a ton of spoilers so be warned.
What is humanity? What are the things we hold to our vest and claim as our own? Our actions define us. This is the question that is asked in War of the Planet of the Apes.

Apes Together. Strong.

This is a concept that the United States was founded on. We are more powerful together than as fifty (two) separate entities. When we begin to see the ending of our race as the dominant race will we whimper or bark?
Given our propensity for violence, most likely we will try to bark. There is a lot going on in your head when you watch War. You begin to question where you would stand and what you would do in such a situation. A species that is stronger and more fierce than you gains the upper hand. Your species is de-evolving. 

Now there are those that think it will be the bees turn next. As the killer bees creep up from the south, this is a possibility to think about. The apes were the ones chosen forty years ago however and so we get a film involving their ascent. At the time of this story, Cesar is the leader of the apes. this makes him a target for the most powerful of the humans, the Colonel. The apes are attacked by humans under his command.
Apes who are sympathetic to Koba, work for the Colonel. Traitors. Much like the jewish who were Nazi sympathizers, they do the dirty work. Beating other apes. Spying. Being the brute force that with little intelligence, chooses who they think will be the victors. They don’t think very far ahead. The humans call them donkeys.
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The Colonel, played by Woody Harrelson, is a desperate man. His race has a new version of the virus that robs them of speech. He too does not think ahead but has more selfish concerns. Concerns that other humans do not agree with. This is the reason he uses the apes as slave labor. To build a wall on the border to protect himself from other humans.

Nova, orphaned by Cesar, is a young girl who has the virus and she cannot speak. she represents the innocence and compassion of humanity. She also is a key character that plays a big part in the end of the morally weak. The Colonel would rather die than adapt as she has. Cesar, is on a quest to kill the man who killed his wife and son. He lets revenge guide his actions and there are consequences.

The movie revolves around Cesar’s search for the Colonel and the rescue of his kind. It also revolves around the question of what humans and apes feel and what drives them. The apes are of course the heroes, and the humans the villains. the lines in the original movies were much more clear cut and there were more sympathetic humans in that iteration. A sign of the times of both generations writing the series I suppose.

The original Apes was written right after the sixties and the Vietnam War, the fight for Civil Rights, a time ripe with turmoil and questions of our own humanity even then. This Apes again poses questions but humanity is not divided. It is clearly evil. Even the few humans who you think may be on the fence, show their truer colors when tested. 

This would be a difficult movie for some people to watch. It may be hard for them to side with the apes or cheer them on. It also has a ton of subtitles for the sign language scenes and the oohk oohk speak.

One of the more interesting characters is wasted as comic relief. His presence is needed though as the audience will need breaks from the tenseness. A former zoo animal, he escaped persecution to live alone in the woods. Until he is met by Cesar and company, who begrudgingly take in this less intelligent ape, as he can lead them to their destination.

The final destination is Cesar being Moses, he leads his children into the desert and freedom. A mass exodus fleeing further away from man, who will persecute and kill them all if given the chance.

There is a lot to think about in Planet of the Apes and several slow scenes. It is definitely not an action movie. There are some action scenes but for the most part you will need your philosophical hat on when watching Apes.

Fear for your future humans.
Apes. Together. Strong.

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