Get the Skinny on ‘TURKEY HOLLOW’!

I grew up with the Muppets and Jim Henson and all the Holiday specials and I have been talking all week around the water cooler about Turkey Hollow. Sadly, this will not be a repeat view for me. I loved the idea. It smacked of all the great Henson movies in the trailers. Odd creatures, humans on adventures, and Henson charm. It was instead, a preachy, at sometimes dirty, over the top, and yes unoriginal tale. It had original characters but the writers doomed this script when all they could…

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The New ‘Muppets Show’ Get’s A Full Series Order at ABC!

When we were kids one of the most iconic shows on television was ‘The Muppet Show‘. And one of the things that made it so icon, is that it was so smartly written adults and children could both watch and be entertained each week. Today we have learned that ABC is bringing back the Muppet’s in an all new ‘Muppet’s Show‘ next season. Lets just hope that the writers behind this one stick to the smart planning that worked the first time around. Check out all the latest on this…

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