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Forged from the scorching-hot temperatures of the sunny state of Florida, Amazon Steph (@amazoncosplayer) keeps her cool as well as her sharpened broadsword on hand. As my Holiday-themed interviews continue all throughout this festive season, my gift came in early this year. At a gracious height of 6 feet tall, this wonder of a woman has made men grab Dynamite comics as she’s on the front cover as Red Sonja issue #21. She can be as many characters as she desires, but most of all, she’s a woman who cares for the little one of all colors, races, and ethnic backgrounds. So throw down your ribbons and wrapping paper and show your love to this Orange blossom princess and welcome Amazon Steph cosplay.  

Raven: Hello Amazon Steph. Thank you so much for taking a chance on this Rainbow catcher son of a gun, Please feel comfortable and unstrap your Amazonian broadsword from your hip. 

Amazon: Hello everyone. Seasons Greetings and hello to you too, Raven Steel. Thank you for having me do this Holiday interview with you. 

Raven: As you may not know before I begin with any of my festive Holiday questions, I offer some words of advice, a ballad of encouragement when you find yourself at crossroads during your career. I hope you’ll take these words to heart whenever the world becomes too much to bear and you need that little push to get you back on track. So here goes, “Remember, today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday!”

Raven: So True! Nevertheless, Amazon Steph, take a deep breath, unsheath your sword, and tell us all about you. 

Amazon: I was born and raised in South Florida and while I have lived in a couple of other states, I settled back in Florida with my family and to be close to the ocean.  I have brown hair and green/blue eyes.  

Raven: How many languages do you speak/write consciously? 

Amazon: Unfortunately, I am monolingual and only converse in English.

Raven: So you order Chinese food the same way I do, in English. Sweet!

Raven: Relatively speak how tall are you?

Amazon: I am six-foot-tall barefoot but I honestly always forget how tall I am until I am trying on clothing (it is rather hard to find off the rack clothes that fit aside from gowns or wedding dresses)  or someone else points it out.  

Raven: What cosplay outfit would Amazon Steph use to fight against Santa’s Elves?

Amazon: Holiday Red Sonja of course!

Raven: Does Amazon Steph work out or does it come naturally? 

Amazon: Regarding working out, I tend to go through hot and cold phases but was fortunate enough to grow up playing quite a few different sports and dancing so I attribute my physique more to my upbringing than a consistent workout regiment. 

Raven: What does Amazon Steph love during this Holiday Season? 

Amazon: I love family and friend get-togethers but this year that won’t happen for safety reasons.  Womp womp

Raven: How do you feel when you become the character you are cosplaying?

Amazon:  I prefer cosplaying characters that I feel I can relate to on some level.  If I can’t relate to them at all, I can feel a little awkward and I think it shows. Therefore, I tend to choose characters that I enjoy cosplaying.  I must admit, cosplaying villains can be quite fun!  

Raven: What sort of pet is Zeek(I’ve never seen a cat like that)?

Amazon: Zeek is an exotic called a Genet.  He has gotten quite the Tic-Tok following.

Raven: Yes he has, but I’m still waiting to be accepted.

Raven: If the Chucky Doll was real, who would you give this gift as a Christmas present?

Amazon: No one deserves that level of torment in 2020!

Raven: Is there a deep dark secret and now are ready to confess?

Amazon: Not sure I have a deep dark secret, but it does surprise people to find out that I ran for public office once.

Raven: Is there a fantasy character you find that best describes your personality?

Amazon: I think that I most affiliate with Wonder Woman and not just due to my height/build.  I think it is her ethics, her compassion, and her strength combined with a touch of dry wit.  

Raven: What are some favorite things you love to do/go with any COVID? 

Amazon: My other favorite thing to do, other than craft or go to cons, would be to go and enjoy live music.  Nothing really can compare to the energy that pulses during a live show, preferably rock n’ roll.  

Raven: Using Wonder Woman’s lasso of truth on reporter Raven Steel, what would ask of him this Holiday Season?

Amazon: What got you interested in interviewing cosplayers?

Raven: That, my sister, is a story for another time and another Alias. 

Raven: Which Holiday season does Amazon Steph enjoy more to cosplay?

Amazon: I haven’t been cosplaying too long and aside from the obvious, Halloween, it would be the holiday season.  I have enjoyed making my builds for Holiday Matsuri.  It is a fun way to express my favorite characters during the holiday season in a new and original way.p]

Raven: The honor is mine knowing your Red Sonja cosplay was on November 2020 of the #21 issue in Dynamite comics

Raven: How did you get that gig? 

Amazon: A rep from Dynamite reached out to me and I was shocked.  I feel honored that they wanted to use me for a cover.  I hope I get the opportunity to grace a second Red Sonja cover and a Vampirella cover.

Raven: Let’s dispel the myth/legend story once and for all about women who are 6ft tall?

Amazon: We do not all play basketball!  Some of us (me) don’t even like it.

Raven: Being you are taller than most cosplayers, is it a curse or a blessing when cosplaying?

Amazon: I would say being so tall as a cosplayer has its pros and cons.  The pros would be that I can cosplay the character and when people see me in person it creates a great impression.  I love hearing the stories from parents who tell me, after their kids met me, that I became known in their house as the real Wonder Woman.  

Raven: You may not believe this, but I would look up to you.

Amazon: However, it is a curse because everything I wear must be custom made.  I can’t buy anything off the rack to use in my cosplay aside from shoes.  

Raven: What is Amazon Steph’s weakness and cannot say NO when it comes to food/Candy/ or something else?

Amazon: I am happy to say that I have learned the art of saying no. Occasionally I will even utter an, oh Hell No!

Raven: Does your modeling experience help when you’re cosplaying?

Amazon: I don’t have much modeling experience so I mainly think about the character and how they would be when I don the outfit. 

Raven: What can Amazon Steph do to make this Holiday Season memorable this year?

Amazon: This interview 🙂

Raven: Is there a cosplay outfit you hate to wear but your fans love you in?

Amazon: I honestly hate the Justice League Wonder Woman outfit even though that is the first cosplay I ever wore and the one that started me on this journey. The top is foam and foam is just so hot.  I honestly don’t know how some people wear head-to-toe foam cosplays.  I would melt!  However, I am not sure what people’s favorite is anymore.

Raven: How about characters that are Dark, Bloody, or Gothic? Interested in doing them?

Amazon: I love the dark broody gothic characters!  I am going to be making a new Morticia Addams soon.  I also prefer sexy characters over cute.  Cute has never been my style and at 6’ I never felt like cute described me very well.  

Raven: What do Amazon women want as a gift this season?

Amazon: Food! I can always eat, Haha!

Raven: Is chainmail something all women should start learning to make and wear?

Amazon: YES.  Chainmail or scale mail should be incorporated into clothing!  I think it makes a wonderful accent.

Raven: I’ve noticed most of your characters are Powerful and Righteous characters. 

Raven: Does your personality resemble the type of character you want to portray or do the personalities of the characters you want to become?

Amazon: I choose characters that fit my personality and I think that I choose those types of characters because I have always had a strong sense of ethics.  Some characters are a better fit than others, but I no longer will cosplay a character with whom I can’t associate.  

Raven: How so?

Amazon: This will be controversial, but, for example, I could never cosplay Harley Quinn.  I just can’t identify with her. On the other hand, Poison Ivy has facets of her personality that I can understand so I just amplify those personality traits when I cosplay her. 

Raven: Can Red Sonja be the next Holiday gift sensation?

Amazon: I would love that!  I would love to see Red Sonja hit the mainstream again.

Raven: In a recent Youtube video, you’re being painted. First off, WOW! You are good. I would have been squeamish. 

Raven: How was that and were you auctioned off as artwork? 

Amazon: FD Sedano Art videoed and took a couple of pictures of me when my friend Travo had painted me.  I have known Travo for something like 20 years so it was pretty relaxed and respectful.  The worst aspect was just standing for hours, Haha! 

Raven: Have you done any Latex cosplay characters?

Amazon: I have worn a latex catsuit for Selene from Underworld and a gender-bent Nightwing. The Nightwing was for Holiday Matsuri last year. All the blue was scalemail I made to go with it. 

Raven: Is there a cosplay you would love to do?

Amazon: I am dying to do several darker characters. I.e. Witching hour Wonder Woman.

Raven: I loved the Witching Hour series.

Raven: Do you love doing photoshoots indoors or outdoors? 

Amazon: I haven’t done too many cosplay photoshoots actually but I have so many I want to do and it is a combination of indoor and outdoor settings.  I would love to get a Red Sonja shoot with a waterfall.

Raven: What do nerdy men want in their Christmas Stocking? 

Amazon: Red Sonja #21 Amazon Steph comic book, Haha!

Raven: What got you started into cosplaying? 

Amazon: Wow, so that is a very long story.  To keep it short and sweet, I had ordered a wonder woman outfit for an event that I was putting on for women empowerment but it didn’t come on time.  When it finally arrived, Supercon was around the corner and I already had tickets so I decided, why not go as Wonder Woman?  I still have this amazing outfit.  The rest is history. 

Raven: Is Amazon Steph comfortable doing Spicy/Lewd photos?

Amazon: I am comfortable with wearing cosplays that show skin; however, I don’t do anything Lewd; but I may.  Who knows?  I have one photoshoot that I did in a tub and I think it may be borderline Lewd, but the pictures came out so beautifully that, to me, it looks more like art because of the mood portrayed through the picture. 

Raven: Should the fans or the cosplayer dictate what sort of photos are available for purchase?

Amazon: The cosplayer should always do what makes them comfortable. I do not think the fans should decide what the cosplayer may or may not be comfortable with.  

Raven:  Was there ever an unusual request asked by a fan? I bet you it was feet, right? 

Amazon: I would not repeat some of the requests asked of me; but nothing came to fruition for the person who asked, because of again discretion of what the cosplayer is comfortable with and not the requestor.  

Raven: How did you get the cosplayer name, AmazonSteph Cosplayer? 

Amazon: Coming up with AmazonSteph cosplayer just made sense because I am an Amazon and Cosplayer.  It just sort of worked and more importantly, it was available across all platforms haha.

Raven: How many cosplay outfits do you own?

Amazon: I have about 20 cosplays.  I need to have a lot more shoots to show all the new ones off!!!

Raven: You must have a walk-in closet or at least a storage rental place.

Raven: Should the Nightmare before Christmas be aired during this Holiday season?

Amazon: YES, and every holiday season!

Raven: Being this was a bad year for cosplayers, for 2021. 

Raven: What would you love to see come back? 

Amazon: I just can’t wait for the cons again.  I love getting to interact with people in character and see my friends, some of whom I can only see at cons.  

Raven: Do you have any new outfits you are working on that will break the internet?

Amazon: I have so many new outfits but I don’t know if any will break the internet.  Not even sure what cosplay I would do that could break the internet haha.  

Raven: If you became a Holiday toy doll, what cosplay outfit would she be dressed in?

Amazon: If I became a Holiday toy, I would love for it to be my Winter Wonder-land cosplay with the armor and bracelets having an ability to light up.  I was very proud of the concept of that cosplay and how the final look came together.  

Raven: What a gift from your fans would be surprised to the point of tearing for JOY?

Amazon: I think donations in my name to toys for tots or something like that would be the most touching gift.  

Raven: That would truly be a wonderful gift to do (AM I RIGHT, READERS?!!!).

Raven: Is there a particular celebrity you be interested in kissing under the mistletoe

Amazon: Yes, and I will leave it there…but it would have to be mutual. Consent and all 😁.

Raven: What sort of advice or words of wisdom you can offer new cosplayers out there?

Amazon: Words of wisdom:  Be patient with yourself.  Skills come with time.  When I started all of this, all I could do was paint a little.  Now I can sew, craft with foam, weave chainmail, weave scale mail, create patterns, work a little with epoxy, and sew and tool leather.  

Amazon: I am NOT an expert in any of them and everything I have done has been done multiple times until I am happy with the result.  Therefore being patient with yourself may be the most important thing.  Do it for you and not others… And of course, HAVE FUN!  

Raven: Being this 2020 is the year of Social Distancing. Can I get a Holiday Hug? 


Raven: It looks like the fire from the fireplace is all but gone. That’s all the time we have with AmazonSteph. Thank you so much AmazonSteph cosplay for allowing me to do this Holiday-themed interview with you. Now, can you unlock the door, please?

Amazon: Thank you Raven Steel. I had a blast answering your questions as well as I appreciate you undoing your restraints. 

Raven: What are friends for?

Raven: If I could ask you one more question, where can my readers get more of AmazonSteph cosplay?

Amazon: Well, for you Raven, not a problem. Here are some of my site anyone can access:

Amazon: @amazoncosplayer literally, email, ko-fi, patreon, etc are set up under that name.  Please just be aware that not all are active. I am the most active just on Instagram.

Please Like. Please Share. And above all, please Love one another.

This is a Raven Steel Holiday exclusive.


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